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MLB 2012


Well, the old one is locked so perfect time for a new one.

The Yanks just traded Montero to the Mariners for Pineda. As far as I know, this trade came out of left field. A 23 y/o for a 22 y/o, both of whom will probably have 10 good years in front of them.


Fuck. This is bad news.

I'm REALLY big on Pineda. I think he could be a legit ace by his mid 20's.


Such a strange trade for this era of baseball. Just straight up potential talent for potential talent. No money moving at all.

Yanks had to move montero. No room for a 22 year old DH on the team. I liked Noesci a lot though. That may turn out to be a mistake. Good move for both sides but this will benefit the mariners in the long term.


Yanks are frontrunners to sign Edwin Jackson, looking at a 1 or 2 year deal.

Just biding time for Banuelos to arrive in late 2013.

CC, Nova, Pineda, Jackson, Hughes, Kuroda, Garcia, Burnett. I can live with that lol.


I've heard Edwin Jackson is looking for a 5 year deal.


As much of an offensive monster Montero is, defense up the middle is extremely important. I wouldn't want a shitty defensive catcher on my team.

Catchers, middle infield, and CFers should be above average defensively.


But I guess if you're the Mariners and have almost 0 chance of hurdling the Angels and Rangers for a playoff spot, it's not a bad move.


Yeah, me too. I've only seen a couple starts from him but I just never like getting rid of good young pitchers unless the trade is really lop-sided in your favor and you already have a top-notch staff. And he's a REALLY good young pitcher. His stuff is incredible and he's got a big, lanky body that's built for a lot of innings.


DB, strungoutboy,

What do you guys think of the Mat Latos trade?

I've only seen him pitch once and he looked great. So I will ask you NL West followers, how far will this guy go?

You happy with the trade strungoutboy?


Physically, Mat Latos still looked good last year. Mentally, I really doubt that at this point in his career he's capable of being The Guy. The guy's a fucking mental midget. In 2010 he spent the last month or so in a slump that extended through most of this year. When the pressure was on, he folded down the stretch but never stopped running his fucking mouth against the Giants. He then made some comments in the press against them to start the 2011 season and if memory serves me correctly, he shit the bed against them and everyone else he faced for the first two months of the year. Right now, he just looks like a guy who can talk a good game and can't back it up. He's going to need to mature really quickly because if he shits the bed in Cincy to start the year I could see things really snowballing for him.

The other thing I don't like about this trade is that Latos isn't a groundball pitcher. I didn't see him pitch much the second half of the year last year, but I don't remember him ever really sinking the ball. He's more of a flyball/strikeout pitcher and in that bandbox I don't like the way his style will translate. He'd be much better in a bigger park, like Petco. Unless he starts sinking the ball, but for a lot of pitchers making the transition from a pure power pitcher to one who can sink it and get a lot of groundballs, the evolution can come with a lot of bumps in the road. We'll see how he does, but from what I've seen from him, he doesn't have the mental makeup YET to handle such bumps in the road.


Yeah, what DB said. Latos isn't mentally mature yet to become a great pitcher. He admitted that in 2010 that a lot of his success came from Jon Garland mentoring him and trying to keep him grounded. I wish the best for him, but i'm not sure how he will do in Great American Ballpark. Reds are taking a chance on him. As far as the other side of the trade, the Pads got some possible good prospects. A possible future starting catcher and first baseman.


I doubt anyone following this thread cares but...

Prince Fielder just signed with the Detroit Tigers.

9 years/ $214M

Should point out that Victor Martinez is out for the 2012 season.


Proof it's pointless to ever follow rumours.

For weeks all the talk has been that Fielder will land in Washington, Seattle or Texas.


The AL central is an absolute mess, the Tigers aren't even that good, everyone else is just awful.

No 9 year contract is good but I guess it makes as much sense as it possibly can. Bring in an elite hitter while you have a clear path to the post season.


You gotta admit that Cabrera and Fielder is a great duo to have in the lineup.


I can't think of a better 3-4 hitter combo.


Ryan Braun is facing a 50 game suspension, who knows what numbers he'll be able to put up whenever he returns.

Albert Pujols is an Angel

Prince Fielder is a Tiger.

There already was a significant disparity in talent between the two leagues. It just got a whole lot worse.

I'm trying to think. Now that the Cards no longer have Pujols, who is the best offensive team in the NL?

Reds? Rockies?

None of those lineups look very intimidating.


Love the Yankee trade...

Yanks have an excellent defensive minded catcher in Austin Romine in the minors and Gary Sanchez who some say the yanks like better than Montero.

The yankees are also eventually going have to move Arod to DH as he has another 7000 years on his contract.

The yanks are also realizing that they are entering into a new era of signing players. Its obvious that the yanks are "attempting" to be a bit more money conscience. Potentially this could be a nice 1,2,3 punch in CC, Nova (who is all star material) and Pineda. Not to mention the signing of Kuroda who should be solid, even if he is coming from the National league. Im guessing they will go with 6 starters with Burnett being the 5th and Garcia being the swing guy.

This is a trade that may work out for both teams.


For anyone who thinks Jose Bautista is on steroids:


He's been tested 16 times in the last 2 years.

0 positive tests.



Buster should be back. Otherwise, NL baseball is going to be BORING. AGAIN.

Gone are the days of Kenny Mayne on SC saying shit like "Delgado? Del-GOT IT" when he played for the expos.

Watching NL West baseball is like watching a slow summer death. and you're right, it's only going to be worse.