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MLA Citing

Hey all, I am writing a paper for my english class, and I need some help on using MLA and APA formatting and citing. Can any of you recommend some good sites on how to do this?

I always use that to remind me of the MLA formatting style. Pretty good resource.

As a former Journalsit major, MLA was most of what I used to cite.


This book is an invaluable resource, I highly suggest you spring the money for it - it can only help you. It’s what got me though my first two years.

Thanks to both of you.

I got the assignment done, and it was a doosy. It was an assignment about the different assumptions and viewpoints that people interviewed in a domestic violence article in a newspaper had. I really hope that I can pull off the C that I need. This english class really sucks.

Watch your spacing (double) and your margins (they should be 1" not 1.25").

Everyone always screws up MLA.

You can read :slight_smile:

Seriously, if you need some help with editing or anything I can help you. I am pretty good at the essay end of things.