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ML vs MG Question

Starting tomorrow with TRT. Here is my protocol from defy:

BEGIN Test cyp 200mg/ml .40ml SQ/IM twice weekly

BEGIN HCG 400ml SQ twice weekly

CONT DIM 200mg by mouth daily

CONT Fish oil 3gm by mouth daily

CONT Anastrozole 0.125mg by mouth 2-3 times weekly

So I’m to take 80ml of test cyp/week in two doses from a 200ml bottle. How many mgs is this? It’s been a while since hs chem.

So I think you mean 80mg.

And it looks like your vial is 200mg per 1 ml.

Mg is strength of testosterone.
ML is amount.

That’s 400IU, ml dependent on the concentration. Probably .4ml.

So .4 ml 2x weekly is 200mgs?

If the test is 200mg/mL, which it usually is, you are taking 160mg per week.

Got it. That’s what I thought. Thank you. Looking forward to starting tomorrow!!

you are taking 160mg T cyp/wk