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MK677 Worth Trying or Waste?


Anyone use this that can share results ? Older guy just looking for a little help !! Not sure what to believe on some of these sights


It makes most people drowsy/lethargic so depends really on your life outside the gym -work life/family commitments etc.
Does work though( if get from quality brand)


OK thanks man !!


I'm 49 y/o and all I can tell you is that this stuff works better than just about anything I've used. Lean gains, thinner skin, lower body fat on a diet of just about eating anything I want including having a couple of beers per day. I ran it for two months over the summer – and I am on week three of a current run – and intend to run it for probably 2 to 4 months.

Plus – and this is huge – the healing effects of this compound are amazing. My old creaky joints – including those with some mild arthritis have never felt better – not to say that they don't act up every now and then – but I no longer wake up with pain in my body. Lastly, the sleep quality is truly unbelievable – you will have the most vivid dreams you ever had since you were a teenager.

I'm currently running about 15 mg per day – I start out around nine or 10 mg that for the first week and bump up from there – at this dose I do not have any sides at all. When I first started this – and started blasting 25 mg per day – I got a lot of water retention and lethargy. Keeping it in the 10 to 15 mg range keeps me pretty much side effect free.

Make sure you check your source – because you don't want to wind up getting some Ostarine that suppresses you.

Definitely worth it if you are over 40 years old


Awesome Jim I'm well over 40 and looking for every single thing you mentioned. Really appreciate your feedback brother !! Thanks a million


Cheers I'm in the same boat gentleman. Does anyone suggest any specific research lab as being "better"? Cost isn't the problem.