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Mk677 Some Thoughts

Not sure if this is the right place for this but I recently started taking mk677 for tendonitis, and the pain in my elbows literally vanished overnight. I know that sounds crazy but I just wanted to share the experience to anyone suffering from this.

I went from not really benching in over a year and 155 for a couple reps would have me doing legs only for the next two weeks, to benching 265 for a couple reps. Basically overnight.

The stuff I have is 35 mg a capsule which I’m reading is very high. So I’ve cut the cap in half doing I guess 17.5 mg before bed.

I believe the quality is 100% there as I can be absolutely reckless with my workout routine and have no pain the next day. It also makes me really lethargic feeling. More so mentally than physically I think. Not taking nsaids. No Tylenol. Just fish oil, my trt dose and mk677.

I believe its a ghrelin secretagogue. Or it mimics ghrelin and binds to those receptors. And through ghrelin causes a releases in growth hormone and igf-1.

Does anyone know how serious the potential insulin resistance is if only running for a couple monthes? Supposed to take on an empty stomach and not eat before or after for an hour or two to not have any insulin resistance build up. Thing is I don’t ever have an empty stomach.

Dunno if anyone’s tried it, but there’s alot of reports on Reddit and other places of people running it for a couple monthes. Not everyone has the same success with tendon strength and tendonitis that I’ve had. I have not read of any serious adverse effects anywhere.

sides that seem consistent with HGH usage. Tingly fingers or extremities, swelling of ankles (fluid retention)

I think HGH is no doubt superior in that this compound probably doesn’t cause the big pulses nesescary for most of the benefits. I’ve read that the increase in HGH and igf-1 is around 50-80% from your natrual state. There are some research papers publishes on the compound that report this but it’s definitely dosage related. Low dose like 10 mg causes mostly HGH with little igf-1 but higher like 25 causes almost equal increases in igf-1 and HGH, but anything past this very quickly reaches diminishing returns on any further increases.

Anyone else know much about this or potential long term risks?

The HGH generated from the mk 677 is only as much as your body can generate so I don’t think there is much risk. Sounds like it works really well for you.

I ran MK 677 with RAD 140. I didn’t notice much in the way of strength gains, or joint relief.
I got a massive increase in appetite, noticeable muscular gains and fat loss. I’d equate it similar to oral anabolic steroids.
I also got quite lethargic, and unmotivated to work out the longer I was on the stuff. Muscles and joints felt stiff and sore all the time. I only lasted 5 weeks on the mk, and 4 on RAD before deciding to stop as I was feeling shitty.

Running it a second time around, and it just doesn’t feel like its doing as much, maybe if I stopped taking it I’d notice more pain in my elbows.

Currently running anadrol EQ test and mk677. I dont really need any flak over that. I’m going to try upping my cals more, because right now the tendons I’m my elbows are the limiting factor and I understand the healing in the long run game with tendons. However I’m also a firm believer that the body “could” or is physically capable of healing shattered tendons in a couple of weeks. If only it were coaxed by the right molecules to fire up that RNA/DNA synthesis protein folding in the right tissue.

Kev, Have you tried BPC 157? That’s supposed to be the shit for tendon problems.
I never felt like MK 677 was doing much for my joints despite it being a secretagoge for HGH.

Yeah read alot about bpc157 and tb500 together. Basically seems hit or miss. Cruising reddit you’ll find out either nothing happened or the problem disappeared over night, even though in theory it should take weeks. The source doesn’t matter good and bad seem to be reportes for all of them, so I’m still trying to locate a source that enough people feel legit about.

I’m looking at one that is reputable in the states and has 5 mg of each compounded together. Thing is though that sounds great and all but tb500 your supposed to run 2-6 mg a week. And bpc157 people are talking about running 250 micrograms but I’ve only see. Like 5 mg vials for sale.

So you mean to tell me 1 vial of bpc157 I’m set for life? Or am I going for bro gains here and just Injecting 4000 times what people say to for insta tendon healing?

I’m just trying to be more sure of what I’m doing and the source before I commit money here. When compounds don’t have obvious sides like mk677, severe lethargy and hunger, I’m real suspicious as to whether or not its actually working.

Let me know what you think about BPC157 and or TB500. I was turned off by injecting BPC157 every day. I heard TB500 is one or twice a week?

What I have been doing is using different exercise selection to accommodate my bicep tendonitis. I think it is driven by squats, bench and possibly pull-ups. For squats I have been using a camber bar and SS bar (SSB) to take load off of the shoulder, bicep, elbow. For bench I have been using a football bar, and doing more incline with a straight bar. For pull-ups I have not done standard, but have done chins (palms back), or neutral grip. These things have helped. I probably need to address shoulder mobility.

I’ll keep you guys updated. Definitely going to change my exercise selection to accommodate gripping, looking into compression sleeves.

Gonna have to have a couple more rest days with anything upper body and do the high rep, slow controlled tempo, low weight thing.

Compression sleeves did not help me any. The ones I have are EliteFTS stretchy fabric type. If you try them out get ones made of neoprene for the warmth.

Never tried BPC, just heard promising things about it. I can get prescribed legit peptides, in my country. I have a persistent forearm extensor strain in one arm that has been going on and off to varying degrees for the past 9 months.
It doesn’t sound like a reputable business if it will compound a mix of peptides in ratios that don’t make logical sense. Sounds like you already know this. I hope you can find something to help your troubles, this shit can be frustrating.