MK677 Only - Post-Cycle Effect


I haven’t posted too much on this forum before, only for advice in training etc but regularly have a read.

I recently tried using MK677 for a short period - wasn’t expecting major results, was more interested in the sleep & recovery side but am struggling after finishing it. I initially thought it would just be a gimic and maybe gain a pound or 2 of water.

In 8 weeks i gained 19lbs, didn’t look fat and kept athletic (i play football - cornerback). However my recovery was worse (??), somehow i would ache for days off of a simple sprint session or weight session.

Since finishing the 8 weeks, i have dropped back to being lighter than where i started in about 3 weeks. i do look leaner, but i feel awful. Tired, weak etc. Has anyone had similar experiences? I am hoping it wasn’t a case of using something i thought was MK but wasnt…

Yeah GH can have this effect. All the “magic” about the recovery is a hit or miss. For some it works like a miracle, for some it doesnt. I also feel achy and lethargic on GH and MK.

Crazy, i really didnt expect to feel worse in terms of recovery.