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Mk47funk's Becoming Beastly Log


Figured I'd make the move from the notebook to the web, maybe build motivation, read some other people's logs, get some advice, and overall become better.

Some background info:

I'm 26, 6' 2 3/4". Right now I'm at around 205 depending on the day and the time of day I weigh myself (bw fluctuates a lot). Don't have any 1RMs and honestly don't plan on testing them any time soon - just worrying now about increasing my weights each workout.

I ran track in college (decathlon) and following my last season had my best summer of working out ever, doing a lot of crossfit/gym jones type workouts with some track buddies. Our log of what we did that summer (and some of the following summer) is here:
We definitely didn't know a lot and often just did workouts because they made us hurt, but it was fun as hell.

I'd love to get back to these someday but my immediate goal is to get bigger while keeping my BF% around where it is (don't know what that is, need to get it measured soon). As such, I'm following Jason Ferruggia's Muscle Gaining Secrets workout program and started experimenting with carb cycling. I weight train 3 days a week with upper/lower splits (i.e. week 1 - upper/lower/upper, week2 - lower/upper/lower). My strength is nowhere near where I'd like it to be which will be apparent when I start posting my weights.

Immediate goal: (next 6 months) 215lbs, single-digit bodyfat. Once I'm there I'll probably do heavy lifting 2 days a week only (maybe stick with 3) and switch to more athletic/timed stuff - sprints, plyos, tabata stuff, whatever.

Biggest weaknesses: Shoulders (thank you javelin), eating right, general strength, getting enough sleep (probably my biggest issue).

I'll start posting after tonight's workout.


Switched up the workout a little bit due to station/rack availability. Not include warm-up sets, only the top-end sets for each exercise. My weights went up in each exercise, and if the trend continues soon I'll have a level of strength I can start to be proud of. LOL

1a. Weighted pull-up 2x5-8
1) 7 x 25#
2) 6 x 25#

1b. Incline DB press 2x5-8
1) 8 X 75# x 2 DBs
2) 6 X 80# x 2 DBs

2a. 1 arm DB row 2x5-8
1) 8 x 90#
2) 5 x 100#

2b. DB Push Press 2x5-8
1) 8 x 50# x 2 DBs
2) 7 x 60# x 2 DBs

3a. Incline DB curl 2x5-8
1) 8 x 40# x 2 DBs
2) 7 x 40# x 2 DBs

3b. DB skull crushers 2x5-8
1) 8 x 35# x 2 DBs
2) 7 x 40# x 2 DBs


Lower body day - felt stiff going into the gym (probably from sitting at a desk for 10 hours previous) but still felt better than my last few lower body days, probably due to paying more attention to and time on my warm up.

  1. Squat 2x5-8
    1) 8x255#
    2) 5x275#
    (best I've felt in a while, but knee pain still hindering my weights. Concentrating more on stretching on off days)

  2. Rack deadlift (just above knee) 2x5-8
    1) 8x335#
    2) 6x355#
    (limiting factor here is my grip, slipping even with a mixed grip. Really don't want to sacrifice building grip stength to use straps but I know I can pull more weight so I might have to)

3a. Seated calf raises w/ 2-3 second pause at bottom. 2x12-15, then 1x20
3b. Behind back BB wrist curl 2x10-12
1a) 14x70#
1b) 12x50#
2a) 13x70#
2b) 20x60#
3a) 17x45#

Both of the last two are exercises I've never really done before, so still trying to find my limits for each. Clearly going a little too heavy (or just being a pussy) on the calf raises and way too light on the wrist curls. Will adjust next time this workout comes around.

Need to work better on post-workout food. Having to shower then take the train 30 minutes home is hindering it - be better about cooking all meals at beginning of week.


Today is my rest day. Trying to get better about the diet, and trying to implement a "Slow-Carb" strategy on off days. 6 hardboiled eggs and a protein shake for breakfast, a cup of ground beef chili for lunch, and about to grab another meal now (3:00 PM). Tonight will be about half an hour of stretching - won't start working conditioning into my routine until probably the beginning of April.


Upper body day. Shoulders felt more fucked up than usual which is saying something so I might have to lay off on going heavy with them until they are better.

1a. DB Mil press 2x5-8
1) 5 x 60# x 2DBs
2) 5 x 60# x 2DBs

1b. Chin-up, med grip 2x5-8
1) 8 x 35#
2) 7 x 40#

2a. Weighted push-up 2x5-8
1) 8x green band
2) 8x green band
(don't have a training partner right now so this is the only way I can do thses, might switch something else in for them)

2b. Incline DB Row 2x5-8
1) 8 x 70# x 2DBs
2) 7 x 70# x 2DBs

3a. Dip 2x5-8
1) 8x 25#
2) 8x 30# then immed. dropped to BW for 4 reps

3b. DB curl 2x5-8
1) 8x 50# x 2DBs
2) 8 x 50# x 2DBs then immediately dropped to 30's for 4 reps

I don't think I'm doing the incline DB rows right, I never feel like I'm getting full ROM. Might have to practice those with lighter weights and work in something else I can do heavy and with correct form in the meantime.


Was sick all last week - fucking garbage. Started back up on Monday but been slacking on posting the workouts. I'll post this week's workouts today.

First: Monday's workout:

Warmup sets not included

  1. Squat 2x5-8
    1) 5x 285#
    2) 5x 285#

  2. 45 degree back extention 2x5-8
    1)8x 65#
    2)8x 65#

  3. Some light shoulder stuff
    Need to figure out a better strategy for shoulders for now until they are better

4a. Standing 1-leg calf raise 2x6-8, then 1x15
1. 8x 40#
2. 8x 40#
3. 15x 40#

4b. EZ rev. wrist curl 2x10-12
1. 10x 45#
2. 7x 45#
Not good


Tuesday 3/22

upper body day - warm-up sets not included

1a. Pull-up 2x5-8
1) 8x 22.5#
2) 5x 25#

1b. Incline DB Press 2x5-8
1) 8x 75#
2) 5x 80#

2a. 1 Arm DB row 2x5-8
1) 8x 80#
2) 6x 90#
(Side note - my obliques are KILLING me after these - is that an indication of bad form?)

  1. Light shoulder stuff (see note from day before on shoulders)

4a. Incline DB curl 2x5-8
1) 8x 40# x2
2) 8x 40# x2

4b. Smith CG bench 2x5-8
1) 8x 110#
2) 8x 130#