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Mk2866 Opinions?

What’s everyone’s opinion on mk2866?

What are your goals?

I’ve lost over 100 lbs in 2 years. I want to build muscle now. But nothing crazy.

If your diet and training are in check and consistent it can be a good tool to build a bit of lean muscle mass. I’ve used it a couple times with decent results. Make sure you have a solid source as SARMS are faked a lot.

If you are a post menopausal woman with stress urinary incontinence then it’s a treatment that is marginally better than a placebo.

I strength train 3 times weekly and cardio 4-6 times weekly. Eating is on point.

I’m not a post menapausal woman. Not sure what that had to do with this? Lol.

My experience is that it helped me with bike endurance at high power outputs for sustained periods and a bit of lean muscle tissue growth. It supposedly can help with preserving muscle in a caloric deficit but I have no experience with that.

How suppressive is it actually?

For me it was not really suppressive at all. I don’t have blood work to back that up but I felt fine after coming off with no issues. That being said if you search these forums you’ll find guys that were pretty much shut down.

If I’m on hcg, would that help keep it from suppressing as badly?

It was an intended use for the drug before trials stopped (thanks Wikipedia)

Yes. HCG is bypassing the HPTA. Will come down to dose of the HCG.

IMO, Osterine is a good SARM for women. For men, I am not convinced it is going to do much.

Then you probably don’t need to use enobosarm, which was designed (and rejected) for post menopausal women. If you want to use steroids then use steroids. Don’t go half speed and use drugs that are largely untested and unknown. The upside of these drugs is limited and the downside is mostly unknown.