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Mk-677 with Clomid for PCT Help


I have taken Pro-hormones in the past (once mistakenly, i had asked for something that wasn’t a steroid but he ended up giving me something worse, it was M1T and he told me i didn’t need P.C.T) And prior to that i had tried Deca but they were all oral formulas. I did feel strength on the M1T that was not placebo and a pain in my right testicle with a substantial shrinking. I ran a cycle and i did no .P.C.T. I never took it again.

I also took propecia in two instances. The second time around, i really felt the side effects rather quicky and Erectile dysfonction that never subsided.
Im currently waiting for DHT bloodwork results to return.

I had my LH FSH tested and they are all very low (around 1 U/L both of them, “normal” range between 1 and 9 U/L for both) WIth low testosterone. I also have been very depressed with extremely low energy brain fog and severe insomnia.

I decided to take MK-677 for growth hormone to possibly address these issues in a more general way.
I would like to take Clomid. I am aware that i’m way past the P.C.T windows but i’m also desperate and i figure it could be good to try and kickstart my LH and FSH / testosterone by using clomid even if the long term results have shown a return to baseline after discontinuation. Im’ thinking (ideally) it might trick my pituary gland to maybe return to its previous state.
Before i took propecia the 2nd time, (3 years years ago) although LH FSH was low and i had experienced testicular shrinkage, My testosterone showed much higher values.
Now, even though my blood work shows low levels, my doctor doesn’t get involved and says it’s “within normal range” (at the lowest). I have zero libido, have bad ED, never have morning wood, no spontaneous erections even with imagery ect need to be stimulated a lot, very low energy ect.

If you have any thoughts on this i would appreciate it.

This is my main question:
Studies have shown clomid to reduce growth hormone temporarily. Mk677 raises growth hormone. In your opinion, is it ok to take MK-677 and clomid at the same time ?

I’m on my third day on MK-677 and looking into Clomid.

Thank you for your patience and reading through.