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MK-677, The 'Anti-Frailty Pill'

Take a look at this.


Well, if it comes to market, the government will probably treat it like GH because it could be abused by athletes.

If it can displace the use of very expesive hGH, it might be priced very high.

In any case, it probably needs to be combined with TRT for many men for best results.

Some hormone releasing hormones can shutdown secretion if not used right!

The fact that this is an oral drug is a very important feature.

Lots of detail here:

“MK-677 reverses diet-induced nitrogen wasting, suggesting that if these short-term anabolic effects are maintained in patients who are catabolic because of certain acute or chronic disease states, it may be useful in treating catabolic conditions.”



“The drug restored 20 percent of muscle mass loss associated with normal aging.”

Even more.