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MK-677 Test and Initial Results

I’m actually not new to the forum by the way… lost my login info a while back and said, F it, just start over. Always LOVE T-Nation for supplements and great training information and the forums. I’ve picked-up some incredible tips on this site over the years.

Anyhoo, decided to order a couple bottles of MK-677 as Peptides are very intriguing to me as well as SARMS, but if you’re going to get shut-down, may as well go for Test. The positive is you can’t get in trouble for the SARMS. I do think there are some very interesting compounds I may check out someday.

Quick stats:
Almost about to turn the big 50
170 lbs (now) 158-230lbs since I was 17, Golden gloves level boxer; powerlifter; wrestler; ALWAYS a lifter -went up and down a great deal over the years depending on activities. I also surf now that I’m in FL, so keeping lighter is good. Run quite a bit as well, nothing leans you out like running (IMHO).
BF: 10-12%, although I’m not playing the silly “guess BF game” - visible 6 pack and lot’s of female fans. I wish I had been better about taking photos, but it seems so “millenialish” to me. I will tell you, I have had SO many more positive comments from chicks since I decided to lean out a couple/few years back. I am married, but apparently have an active female fan club when I run around the neighborhood shirtless on runs.
I’m extremely fortunate, hormones are great, never took roids, not against TRT one day, but that day is way off - haven’t had to do it. BUT, certainly not against a little boost in the meantime.

2 Weeks on the MK, feel good, sides are really non-existent. I’m used to being hungry since I practice IF and dropped 60lbs in the last 3 years. Calf muscle cramps, OMG - that’s been the only negative. Up about 4 lbs overall and none of it looks like fat. Definitely helping with strength (always my strong point) although I’m mainly taking it for it’s supposed regenerative qualities as I’m almost 50. Dreams though, holy Sh@#! They are crazy.
What’s my ‘ideal’? Gosh, 175lbs at 6-8% BF? - Frank Zane was always my favorite BB back in the day. In other words, super lean over ‘puffy’ - which is a huge change for me by the way. Back in my powerlifting days, I had to be over 215lbs and strong. BUT, come to find out, I was F’ing FAT. It’s amazing how much weight you have to drop to honestly get lean. AND, you can definitely still stay strong, your weight to weight lifted ratio certainly improves.

I’ll report back in a few weeks or so. So far, very mild, but the positive effects seem to be good. Thought this may be an interesting topic for some.

Hey boyka
How did ya like that MK-677. i am a few years older than you and have been using it on and off for a year or so.


Love it. I’ve since ordered MK-677 a couple more times since the initial test. Did it directly contribute to any mass gains? Really hard to nail that down, but I feel like I did not get as fat as I normally would during the winter bulk session. One reason why I love it - SLEEP! I take 15-25mg about an hour before bed and get amazing REM sleep - dreams are insane for about 2-3 weeks. That’s really the reason why I’ll order it again. Does seem to help a bit with my many joint issues as well. Too many years lifting heavy weights…catching up to me.

Totally agree. I go from the upper 180’s to about 195 after a week or two, every time i use it. i also notice that i can get up earlier in the morning. My appetite goes up quite a bit along with the water gain. its not the best way to get ripped but i think it helps when trying to gain mass due to the appetite increase and sleep. i usually run it with LGD 4033 . Ive never noticed the joint thing but will pay attn going forward . im nearing mid 50’s and have been pushing heavy weights for over 30 years.