MK-677 Results Anyone?

Defy Medical put me on Ibutamoren at 12.5mg a day as I had low IFG-1. I was a bit excited as I read nothing but great reviews and nothing negative (other than hunger). Well after almost 2 months on this I have noticed zero difference. Is this a slow acting deal or is it like everything else and some people respond great while others don’t? If it’s not doing anything for me I don’t want to spend the money obviously.

I’m on 200mg/wk Test-c and 25mcg of cytomel for high rT3 since May per Defy Medical. I noticed huge results from the T so was hoping the MK677 would be the cherry on top.

Thanks for any info.

most times I heard of Mk677 with a dose of 25mg/day and taking for 6 months minimum

How much is your monthly cost for the mk-677 prescription?

It’s a very individual thing. If your pituitary doesn’t make a lot of GH, then there’s not much for the MK677 to make you release. Some people don’t get any benefit at all.

And there’s been studies showing some poor bastards return to baseline after a week of use, so there’s no point in running in longer than a week, and, realistically, the benefit of using it for a week would be fairly non-existent.

I personally respond like a motherfucker. I gain like 10lbs of water pretty much instantly and want to sleep all the time.

how can you get a prescription for mk677?! I thought it never went througth the clinical trial stages and is not officially a drug, people were only taking it as a research chemical…

at 12.5mg, I think it’s right about 100/mo? That’s a pretty close guess without looking at invoice.

I don’t know? I have a prescription fro Ibutamoran through Defy Medical.