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MK-677 Negative Side Effects?

So I’ve read that MK-677 can replace pinning HGH, taking an oral pill that causes the pituitary gland to secrete HGH itself everywhere I read on this glorious internet it’s the f***ing beez kneez… It apparently has not been around long either. I want to discuss serious negative side effects, I’ve read of people suffering from Gyno & Puffy Nipples from this on this glorious internet. Then other souces say it’s not fathomable because it doesnt raise E2/ and or Prolactin levels. I’m confused because people clearly state they suffered these symptoms. Is this a possible side effect or were they given bunk shit? What other side effects come from the use of this stuff? Do you rebound your HGH as well, like when use subsides, cycle ends will your natural HGH be suppressed? I’m curious about this substance because it sounds promising but I don’t want to get bitch tits and all I that fun shit that comes with it

I haven’t tried it yet(got some coming this week). Supposedly prolactin related gyno can be an issue, in a small number of people.

Natural HGH is not supposed to be suppressed when you end the cycle, probably because MK stimulates your own body to produce HGH.

If you start getting gyno or some other negative side effect, cut the dose in half, see if it continues. If it continues stop. Another option that might be useful for someone that gets prolactin related gyno, is to take cabergoline.

I have heard some users get disrupted sleep in the first week of use then really good deep sleep, vivid dreams, for the rest of the cycle.

Hopefully someone who has actually used the stuff will chime in.

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The least chemicals is my preferred method. Besides I don’t want to mess with my E2 and other hormones by taking caber letro adex ect. I’m pretty sure Nolva doesn’t protect you from prolactin sides correct me if I’m wrong? That just sucks after seeing all the positive reviews I was amazed I didn’t hear any negative till personally I read into it

Like any drug you won’t know how it will effect you until you try it. Some people get no side effects, others might have to stop because of side effects. Prolactin related issues from what I have read are not usual in the majority of people.

Look up moreplatesmoredates.com He has a fair bit of info on MK-667.

The benefits of HGH sound amazing

Peptides are a better bet. Especially when you consider that doctors are using them more and more as a replacement for GH prescriptions (for a wide range of reasons).

If you have gino on mk677 its not a mk. Take the checked comany

I take mk677 from 2-3 month and its the best product from suplements, there are no hormonal changes, I did survey and only hgh and igf increased up. Dose 20mg. Mass up, libido no change, i have, good mood and pump on cycle. I will it when im off

I was always interested in peptides for recovery, but competing tested, they are likely to show up.

Although for peptides I am not sure how easy it is to detect them.

So up until two seasons ago the NFL, which has more annual revenue than basically any other sports league in the Western Hemisphere, couldn’t reliably detect HGH unless they caught a guy within an hour of injection. The half life of these peptides is short. Like, a few hours in most cases. But if you’re in a testes competition then I would say skip using anything.

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So you’re saying actual GH is probably a better option or you’re saying using MK to replace GH persciptions? Would MK be considered a peptide? I’m not tested for any type of PEDs.

MK is not a peptide. It’s classified as a growth hormone secretagogue. It basically signals the release of ghrelin, which is why people report increased appetite while on it.

Ipamorelin is similar in that it stimulates the release of GH through ghrelin, but it has been modified to suppress hunger as a side effect. It’s also (on paper and in clinical data) more powerful than many other GHRPs. It’s basically an updated version of existing peptides within that class.

Modified GRF 1-29 is also quite popular and has a good record of safety and efficacy.

For the cost of Ibutamoren (which is outrageous, partially because it’s an oral and thus has a lower barrier to entry) you could likely get a combination of those other two peptides. Do some studying and see if anything is appealing. There’s a lot of data out there, so it can be hard to nail down what’s good and what’s snake oil.

The mk is chiper then any other peptid. And working better

Depends where you’re buying it, I suppose. Here in the states the availability of the genuine grey market supplements are a little spotty. But if you’re happy with what you’re using then that’s all that matters.

It kinda makes me paranoid about side effects that’s why I don’t want to take nothing. I think I’m going to follow natural bodybuilding for awhile and see what heights I can obtain naturally

It kinda makes me paranoid about side effects that’s why I don’t want to take nothing. I think I’m going to follow natural bodybuilding for awhile and see what heights I can obtain naturally

Its legal on Poland. There are shop who ship anywhere