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MK-677 & Insulin Levels

I’ve been doing some research on MK-677, seems like a lot of people are getting good results in 1) steady increases in strength 2) better quality sleep 3) no impact on my junk (most attractive!).

My one concern is what it could do to my insulin, I really don’t want diabetes. So my blood work is as follows:

Hemoglobin A1C 5.4
<5.7% consistent with absence of diabetes
5.7-6.4% - consistent with increased risk for diabetes (prediabetes)

=6.5% consistent with diabetes

Now, this was taken in my last physical (late June). Because NYC has been on lockdown and I’ve been eating all healthy foods, cooked by my wife, I’ve went from 209 -> 193 so I’m going to guess if anything the figure is lower. I also have heavy dumbells and an adjustable bench, so I’ve continued to lift 4 days a week (upper/lower split) albeit I can’t really do max effort work, so I’m working on maintaining muscle mass which seems to be working.

Does anyone have an opinion on whether or not I have enough wiggle room to take MK-677? I was thinking of taking this 2-3 months maximum, starting with 20mg but then dropping down to 10mg once it gets in my blood.

Alternatively, I already take Indigo-3G - could I perhaps take this twice a day to ensure this stays in check? I already take a lot of curcumin daily as well which I’ve read is good for helping prevent diabetes.

Thanks in advance guys!

I have been taking MK for a little over a month now. IMO insulin sensitivity is the main concern with MK. I am not knowledgeable enough on your lab work (what a 5.4 means, in context to the ranges) to comment there.

I am taking 12.5 mg a day, as I figure the studies indicate that is a fairly effective dose. Higher will generally do more, but returns start to diminish after 10 or 15 mg a day based on what I have seen in research.

The impact to hunger is also dose dependent, and I am trying to loose weight myself, so I don’t what crazy hunger (also why I take it before bed).

You could do an insulin sensitivity test. It involves a glucose monitor and a sugary drink. I don’t want to give medical advice, but this is something I’ll probably do to give me a bit of assurance.

Ben - thanks for your expedient and helpful response. So as I stated in my post, my last physical came back at 5.4, with anything under 5.7 not pre-diabetes or diabetes. Since then, I’ve dropped body fat and continue to lift and eat healthier, so if anything I’d assume that’s lower. I have also cut out nearly all added sugar, save for drizzling some honey on my plain, low fat yogurt for breakfast.

Good call on the insulin sensitivity test, I’ll give that a shot.

BTW, as a follow up, do you take on an empty stomach before bed like I do with my ZMA?

Thanks again!

Weight loss, eating healthier and exercise will all help with diabetes risk. Just good things to do.

I found this article to be useful for understanding blood sugar, insulin and diabetes risk.

I ultimately decided that MK was worth the risk. I have low IGF-1 on blood work for my age (was 120 last blood work). I will need to get an IGF-1 blood test to see if the MK is working.

Also very helpful, Ben. Again, appreciate your insight!