Mk-677 as a HGH Substitute?

Can i use it as a HGH substitute? Does anyone know how much of mk-677 should i take, to reproduce 10u of injectable HGH?

Nothing works like HGH my man. Peptides are hit or miss.

It would be a TON and probably wouldn’t give you the effects you want. 10 IU is a shitload of hgh. I ran 4 /day for 90 days (with great results) and now running 3/day for the next 100 days or so.

Stud would know more than I, he has run it several times successfully.

Shit, not good. How much you pay for your HGH? The damn problem where i live, it that is “illegal”, damn horrible thing to do if you want some of it.

It depends on whether you want Pharma grade or generic grade. Pharma is very expensive but you can get a decent chinese generic for about $180/100 iu.

Here are some blood test results from my current supply. I pinned 4 iu about 2 hours before the blood draw.

As you can see, its pretty potent stuff.

Do you know any mid-class hgh? I found the top ones, but the price is some bullshit. Also the chinese ones the price is so low, i would like something in the middle.

I can’t give out suppliers but mine has all price ranges

I understand but based on the labs I posted, you can get some quality stuff from the generics