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MK-677 and Recovering from an Injury

For the past couple of weeks, I have done some extensive research on the MK-677 or Ibutamoren in connection with a probable cycle. For some background info, I have been lifting consistently for 3-4 years, gone from 160-190 lbs at 15% bodyfat. I have never previously done any PEDs, SARMS or AAS.

I am questioning whether I should run a cycle of MK-677 because research seems to prove healing effects on injuries due to the increased growth hormone. A little more than a month ago, I injured my back due to heavy deadlifting which has had me unable to perform deadlift and squats, or about any exercises that put load on the lower back and requires stabilization from the lower back. I have been to the PT and there are no signs of a herniation or anything related to that. Meaning it is a strained muscle or joint. My PT concluded it is a moderate / severely pulled muscle that needs a considerable amount of time and specific exercises to recover. We are talking months. Also to be noted, I have some minor sleeping issues, which MK-677 is proven to benefit as well. I would also like to grow another centimeter or two. That is why I am considering the use of MK-677. Nor shall I leave out the fact that I have a goal of gaining lean mass, which also is an effect of increased growth hormone and IGF-1.

It is to be noted I am aware of the side effects that seem to be rather minimal and non adverse compared to other substances. Amongst these are water retention, increased hunger as it is closely related to ghrelin, and lethargy.

One thing that holds me back, and for you to consider if you want to respond, is the fact that I am 19 years old. The studies with the youngest participants were 24 years old, and I am not sure I can compare myself to them. At my age, I understand HGH is naturally very high, so I am wondering if there is even any useful yield from using it? If there are any readers around my age that have tried it, I would love if you shared your personal experience.

Furthermore, are the changes in GH and IGF-1 substantial / adequate to put on a farther amount of muscle mass rather than “naturally” on a bulk? To refer to my previous statement, I have been training persistently the last 3-4 years, so it’s safe to say my “newbie-gains” have come to a halt even with a high calorie diet.

Also, I know the yield there will be from this compound can only be derived through a long term use, so will using this compound to relieve an injury be ideal? Would you recommend any other options for me to consider?

I will not resort to any androgenic / anabolic compounds as I am aware on their effects on the HPTA. I do not condemn the use, I am just far too young for this branch of products. From the reading I have done, MK-677 is a “SARM” (technically not) that has nothing does not affect this system. If at all, I will only be doing MK-677.

Any personal experience, recommendations or studies I should read are greatly appreciated.

Thank you for reading this rather long inquiry.

Don’t be a rat lab if there is no hernia

It will get fix in short time not months

Even if it takes months, probably you can start working again after a certain time

I have injured my wrist, it took 4 - 5 months to fully heal but I have started working out again after 2 weeks. I didn’t go to the doctor by the way