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MK 677 and Fasting

Planning to use 12.5mg of MK 677 in the morning and 12.5 in the late afternoon (before bed).

I have read some say that it doesn’t matter if you eat around the time your take it. I have heard others say you want to be fasting for an hour before taking and an hour after taking it. Which is it?

Would consuming 4.5g of carbs, 3.5g of fats, and 15.5g of protein throw off the effectiveness of MK 677?

how do you consume exactly 4.5g of carbs? Or 3.5g of fats? Or 15.5g of protein?

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That would be my post workout shake. Yes its weird. Yes it works for me. I eat breakfast/preworkout meal so far ahead of the end of my workout that im basically fasted by the time it rolls around.

Basic question still applies about needing to be fasted or not

You don’t need to be fasted.

Basic question still applies about how you weigh out such weird amounts

Half a serving of Kaged Muscle ReKaged and half a serving of Ambrosia Ritual AM with a scoop of plain BCAAs and Citrulline Malate. Light enough I can chug it and do cardio without feeling sick.