MK 677 - 10mg Per Day for Cutting


I was looking into using MK 677 - by itself, no SARMs or anything - at 10mg per day while on a diet/cutting. Was going to run for 3-4 months depending on the diet length. Goal is to keep more muscle mass/strength, and I did not want to do anything hormonally (or otherwise) suppressive for a cycle.

I am not trying to maximize the GH response (hence the 10mg); I am more trying to increase the GH/IGF-1 but without increasing my appetite / lethargy too much. If appetite [primarily] was not an issue: I could go higher (20mg) in the dosage.

What feedback can you provide? I have read a lot of MK 677 reviews, and they are all over the map: Some love it, some notice nothing, some notice bad side effects (carpal tunnel, water retention - or so they way). Even the appetite increase does not occur for everyone (maybe they were given a fake substance?).

My suspicion posting this topic here at T Nation is: Most of you will say 10mg of MK 677 isn’t going to do much, but I understand: I just want to be dieting in a better state than I would have been otherwise (for retaining - or maybe gaining? - muscle and strength).

Background on me: Been training (not always intelligently) for almost 20 years, 34 years old, no AAS experience but have used many supplements (including clenbuterol and E/C stack, etc.). Current stats are ~205lbs at 5’ 10"; bodyfat maybe 12-15% (it’s hard to say).

Thanks for replying,

I rank mk677 for a month and some change and starting having bad side effects… during the first two weeks I felt great!! Energy through the roof, felt younger, skin looked better… out on about 5lbs. I started feeling kidney pain and decided to call it quits. When I stopped I had a come down like coming off of hard drugs. Depression, no appetite, uncomfortable. I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone although my stuff coulda been mixed with some pro hormone who knows…

MK 677 will increase your appetite amazingly. Despite this you will probably burn more fat.
If you get the liquid it tastes like shit, best consumed with a chaser of orange juice. General sense of well being, whilst on it.

I went off it after 5 weeks of an 8week cycle (15mg/day, legit, prescription pharma quality)because I got lethargy really bad.

MK has clinical data, but it’s not as reliable as one would like. The big picture is that good results come from consistent use over the course of six months or more.

There are peptides out there that have a profile that fits your goals a little better than MK. Several are engineered to not cause massive appetite stimulation, so they’re more appropriate for cutting.

The only time i tried it, I noticed better sleep and water weight almost immediately. The lethargy it gave me during the day caused me to only run it for about a month before I dumped it. Ghrp and cjc I liked better. Neither compare to HGH. I dont use any of the above anymore…saving that road for when I truly need to travel it, AKA, old!