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MK-667 and Andro


I’m looking @ HGH MK-667 (called MK Ultra) and potentially Androstebol. They’re claiming it’s a new formula:

“If the previous dosage of 3mg of androstebol wasn’t enough, this dosage has now been up to 5mg, with the addition of two unique ingredients, which means your gains from androstebol have never been this powerful, up until now:

i) Turkesterol, 75mg - a highly researched insect sterol that studies have shown is the most researched anabolic from the class of ecdysteroids.

ii) Hexadrone, 35mg - a non-methylated prohormone, which requires no conversion into a steroid once consumed and has zero conversion to estrogen, meaning this is a prohormone with less side effects, including gynecomastia.”

Not sure if i can stack together, but consierring as Im looking to out on 10 of lean muscle…I also have RX weight loss medicine, so I can add that in as well🤷🏿‍♂️? Dont know if I can stack or not, or what to take with or after yet?

Curious as to your thoughts on this and what to expect?!!


mk ultra was a program in the CIA designed to try invent mind control

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