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MK-2866 12 Week Cycle - Coming Off


I hate for this to be my first post, but I need some advice. I've been running MK-2866 (liquid) since July 6th. Do I need to take anything after stopping the liquid?

July 25mg MK-2866 & 25mg GW-501516
Aug 35mg MK-2866 & 25mg GW-501516
Sep 30mg MK-2866
(really didn't notice a difference between dosage)

I've never done steroids, other than SARMS. I want to stack on size - my legs and back need work. My nutritionist is slowly increasing my calories. I currently do two refeed days a week. My main question is, do I wait before doing anything else? If no, what should I do next? I want to make sure I'm doing things correctly. Thank y'all in advance for the advice.