MJ coming back

What do you guys/gals think about Michael Jordan coming back again? Is he too old, prone to injury or will he be a force again? Did anyone ever watch him live during his Chicago days? Would you go watch him again? IMO I think he will be above average NBA standard but not the force he was before, Washington will make a slight improvement, and as he is MJ it will be termed a failure by the media.

I think MJ and the Wizards will get there asses kicked in there season opener against the one and only NY Knicks!! For any of my NY T-freques out there, I believe tickets go on sale this weekend (game is Oct. 30)! I know my ass will be online trying to score a couple!

He has been working out for months now with some pretty good players from the NBA, and I am quite sure he would never have come back if he didn’t still have what it takes.

Of course he will not be flying as high as he used to, but that was already the case in the last few years he played. Still, he dominated the NBA. That is because he is a superb shooter and that he will still be.

He’ll not earn another ring this season though because the Wizards are indeed a very shyte team. Without him definite contenders for the worst record in the league. With him, perhaps just in the playoffs.

Next season will be different though. He did not sign for 2 years for nothing. He has personally cleared the team in the last two years of all overpaid non-performing farts, he has just signed the nr. 1 rookie, next year he will undoubtedly be joined by some gloryseeking free agents and the Wizards will rock.