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MJ-Cartwright's Log - Strong and Big

Thought I would post my training, Am currently using a Mike Mentzer Heavy Duty style plan.
Have been doing it now for 5 weeks. Seems to be working.
Bench Press - Touch
60kg/132lbs x 6 [WU]
60kg/132lbs x 6 [WU]
100kg/220lbs x 4 PR+1
DB Flat Bench
38kg/84lbs x 8 PR+2
Machine Lateral Raises
Plate 12 x 11 PR+3

Good day all in all. Bodyweight was 215lbs @ 6ft, Going to have to trim the fat a little, going to do this just by lowering carbs and upping protien a little just to balance it a bit.

08.09.09 - Due to a slight ankle twist I decided to avoid Squatting and Deadlifting this time, just incase, a small injury is just a large injury waiting to happen if your not careful.

DB Flat Bench
30kg/66lbs x 12 [WU]
40kg/88lbs x 6 PR+3
DB Flat Flye
24kg/53lbs x 7 PR+1
26kg/57lbs x 4 PR+4 (New weight)
DB Seated Press
26kg/57lbs x 10 [WU]
34kg/75lbs x 7 PR+7 (New weight)
DB Standing Strict Laterals
24kg/53lbs x 11 PR+3
24kg/53lbs x 7
One Arm DB Rows
50kg/110lbs x 9
50kg/110lbs x 7
Rope Facepulls
42kg/92lbs x 9 PR+2
42kg/92lbs x 6

Concept II Rower
5 x 200m Sprints W/60s rest per set

All in all a great session, Kept the rest times low and powered through, hopefully the ankle will have got better by next week allowing me to squat again :slight_smile:

Bodyweight was 212lbs @ 6ft, Bodyfat is slowly coming down, want to get to 205lbs then really push on and make some big strength and size gains :slight_smile: