on my upcomign cycle i’m gonna be doin 1000mgs a week divided into 2 shots and 600 mgs of EQ a week also divided into 2 shots. now I hate doin my shots so my question is, can I mix the test and EQ for a total of 3cc’s into 1 shot so I’m only doing 2 injections per week?

I do it. Buy the larger syringes though, a three cc syringe with 3 cc’c of oil in it is very hard to aspirate.

I tried doing 2cc’s of d-bol on my butt once and got a big 'ol bump! Now, equip is oil and the test too, so my guess is that you’ll get a big baseball on your ass. Then again, other people may have other experiences…


ok I’ll give it a shot in my glute first to see how that works. thanks guys

If your going to be injecting 3cc at a time or close to that don’t use your thigh, just stick it in your ass or the Ventro Gluteal site.

what beerbarbq said…in da butt. You can aspirate 3cc’s in a 3cc syringe, because a 3cc syringe is acutally about 3 1/2cc’s for that very reason. No prob with mixing EQ and test, but with such a large shot, inject slowly and give the area a good massage after to help disperse the oil.

you can definitely aspirate from a 3cc syringe when 3cc’s is drawn up, there is still room. I never put a full 3cc’s anywhere. I draw up 3cc’s then split the injection into two. Today for instance I did 1.5cc in the side of my right quad, and another 1.5cc in the top of my right quad.

I inject 3cc’s all the time in the glutes with no problems with aspiration. Yes you can mix. You can even mix water based with oil based.

a 3cc barrel with a 22-25g pin is all you need bro. 2 shots a week is the ideal way to shoot up. i put 3cc’s in glutes and quads with no problem. you didnt mention test type but i am assuming its a long esther.

ah sorry, but yes…its enanthate 250. 500mgs twice a week with the eq at 300mgs twice per week

Mix that shit up, I have put more than 3cc’s in my glute before, I am not recomending doing more than 3cc’s, but my first cycle include 50mg/cc Deca and it took a lot to reach 400mg.