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Mixing Whey and Coffee

I have the habit of mixing vanilla flavored protein powder with coffee. I like the taste, which kinda makes both palatable, and I like the idea of having my caffeine with my protein. But I wonder if by any chance this is a horrible idea. Thanks.

im not sure if vanilla and coffee are any good together but why not! ive had choclate and coffee before, 1 of the guys i workout with does that, he loves it and i tried it and its not bad! he even tosses 2 scoops of peanut butter in there as well!! i always thought it was gross but i sipped it a few times and it always is pretty decent…so why not, go for it! let me know how it turns out!

I’ve been doing this forever.

Grow! Whey is awesome in coffee because it has kind of a dairy creamer flavor to begin with.

I like iced coffed shakes with Grow, cinnamon, and some splenda.

I’ve been doing that for awhile- it’s not just good with vanilla, either. Chocolate flavors work too. I haven’t tried strawberry or banana, but I assume they wouldn’t be as big of a hit…

as long as your coffees not to hot sounds good. I poured boiling water on whey once and it curdled or something. It was awful.

Yea the good morning protein…

I use instant coffee and room temp water first then mix in milk and Whey… (I like strawberry myself)