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Mixing Whey and Casein

I have heard people saying that the body cannot digest whey and casein protein at the same time, therefore you should not mix them.

I enjoy mixing my chocolate whey w/ milk every once in a while.

Is it true you should not mix them? Or is it just a myth.



Curds (Casein) & Whey = Milk


Huh? What do you think milk is? Do you think people can't digest milk protein? Metabolic Drive is a Casein-Whey blend.


Milk is a Casein protein isn't it? I never said people cannot digest milk protein.

I guess I was just not very clear on my question.

Ok, thanks for the responses guys, you answered my question.


Milk protein typically makes up about 3.4g per 100ml of liquid milk. Of which about 80% approx is Casein and 20% is whats known as whey.

Whey is made up of three things, beta-lactoglobulin (about two thirds) alpha-lactalbumin (about a quarter) and the rest Serum Albumin.


No silly. Milk IS BOTH casein and whey.

Whey and casein together is not only not bad, it's highly recommended and will lead to better gains (muscle gain AND fat loss) than whey protein alone.

IMO, except around workouts, whey protein alone will limit muscle growth and also limit fat loss.


Theoretical date, and real world results typically do not line up. People were getting huge and shredded long before a certain blend of casein/whey became so popular. In fact, lots of people still get ripped eating only Whey. Its the marketing..


I wouldnt say that whey would inhibit growth...but I found an interesting study that used N balence to determine the effectiveness of proteins. Whey alone created a negative balence compared to earlier, while casein was a positive. Another study showed that males given a PWO drink consisting of only casein protein and water gain approx. 4x the lean mass and lost 2x fat than the whey group.

A particular whey casein blend has been around for ages back before modern supplements when people still got huge. It's called milk. One of the benefits of casein/whey blends is that there is no lactose, which many cannot digest.