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Mixing weight training with BJJ


I've been training BJJ for about a year now and it seems like I'm always sore in the brachioradials area. It's always the same, I train hard with weights and Gi BJJ for around 3 weeks and then I injure myself. I continue BJJ, but always take some time off of strength training to heal up. Anyone else have/had this problem? Any help on how to prevent it? Should I have posted on the Combat page???


Take it easy on the weights if you are training hard at BJJ. I made the same mistake and now have a bad case of golfers elbow from trying to burn the candle at both ends which has seen me into a 8 week lay off from BJJ. Focus on explosive, whole body lifts combined with strength endurance work but keep the volume low.


i agree with the other post about minimzing lifting...another things is you should figure out what exercise is causing the pain. it might even be something weird like work (office stuff, driving, etc)...


I first injured myself performing a set of weighted pull ups around 4 months ago, and it's been coming and going (the pain) ever since.
I follow a 3 day per week 5/3/1 templet and hit BJJ 3-4 days per week (1 hour classes). As much as I hate it, I might be forced to move to a 2 day per week 5/3/1 schedule.
BJJ is my main focus, but I come from a powerlifting background and still enjoy weight training.


They can coexist pretty well, but you need to figure out which exercises are the most aggravating and fix technique or change it out entirely.

BJJ can be very bicep, back, and forearm heavy. Be careful when doing rows, lat pull downs, weighted pull-ups, bench press, bi/tri isolation exercises, etc...

Brachioradialis could be getting worn down through almost any exercise that has elbow flexion AND extension. I would not expect deadlifts to cause a problem on that part of the arm.

Really look at your non-athletic endeavors as well. Which arm (or both) hurt? Pay attention to how much you drive, how you drive, whether or not you use a keyboard/mouse very often, heavy lifting, and so on....


I lift (5/3/1), train BJJ, and Thai box. I think you have a technique issue as well as strength issue in your forearm. Dont stop lifting. The 1 thing I dont like about GI BJJ is how reliant people become on the GI. Even though I'm in a GI class, I do everything I can not to use the GI to get holds and subs. Generally speaking, if I have to really grip my opponents GI for more than a few seconds, I let go and change position.

Stick to deadlifting and working on grip exercises...gi pull ups, DB snatches and the like, but also try to work some nogi BJJ every now and then. You might also wanna think about taking some time off to let your forearm heal all the way. You might have sprained/strained it and dont realize it.


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Thanks to all that replied! I agree with you admbaum... I need to take some time off to heal. I'm test for my Blue Belt this month, so I've been trying to train as hard as possible.


Have a look at Defranco's WSFSB III in-season template. Pretty good balance for weight training while the focus is on other sporting ventures.