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Mixing Up Anavar Powder, Not Going Well


It looks exactly like flakes in a snow globe…

I mixed 10g anavar powder with 750 ml of 190 proof grain alcohol and no matter how much i shake, stir etc… it never dissolves fully.

And it tastes terrible.

  1. How do i properly mix it and get it to fully dissolve and stay that way in the grain alchohol.
  2. If anyone takes there var this way, my god it’s disgusting. Any tips on ways to choke down 2 to 3 ml of grain alcohol twice a day?!?!

Thanks anyone and everyone!


This kinda makes me worried as I’m considering making a var suspension myself. Try using orasweet (you can get it on am a. zon) I made a 50mg/mL drol suspension using 30% everclear and 70% glycerin with a bit of mio for flavoring. There are a few clumps but mostly it disperses when I shake it. There are formulas online so you don’t waste 10g of anavar, but i guess it’s too late for that lol… Why did you make such a low concentration? You’re gonna have to take at least 6 mL to get enough anavar.

At this point I’d add 250mL of orasweet, so you have 10mg/mL of anavar, and then get a bigger syringe so you can take 5mL at a time. You should easily be able to make a suspension at that concentration. I’ve heard of people doing 100mg/mL but you need more than just the grain alcohol.

I have a scale that measures accurately to .001g so I might just measure out each dose and snort it (jk… licking it off the paper then chasing with water i hear works pretty well). The glyercol tastes like shit, doesn’t evenly suspend and makes a mess because it’s so thick. So it’s not the best solution IME. Capping is a pain in the ass and not as accurate either. The scale cost like $40 so I think that’s the way to go. I got 10g of var raws for $120 so maybe we have the same source. It’s tested legit by Simec AG in Switzerland.


Another option for the future is to make capsules. I use gel caps, capsule machine. and mix it with protein powder as a filler. There are tutorials online.