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Mixing UGL and TRT for Blast?

If I wanted to blast a 500mg per week cycle and I already doing 175mg/week trt, would you just subq the remaining UGL e.g. 325

Or drop the subq trt, and run a full 500mg per week IM and return to try after 12 weeks.

In short can I combine UGL with pharma, and second if still do ed shots will this be too much liquid subq.

250mg 2x week IM UGL.

Save your pharm grade stuff for a later blast. Find a good reliable UGL source and do like @mhmtali said and run 500 per week in two doses IM. If you have the muscle mass to do it and someone to pin you, I’ve been using a 27g 1/2 inch for delts. I can easily take in a mL of oil with no real issues. Some pip in the first hour or so but it fades.

So drop the subq trt dose until after blast and change to 2 x weekly im UGL?
Two questions will this negatively affect my t levels while my body adjust to the change from subq to im?

Second, what dosage ai do people suggest, I don’t take any currently for trt. However, I ran a test cycle years ago and got little red dots that turned into acne and lots of bloating without an ai. I would really like to avoid bloating and acne I’d possible.