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Mixing Training w/ Weights

Just a bit of background, I used to weight train 4-5 days a week; now I really have only about two days a week I can dedicate to lifting.

I do train 6-7 days a week (4x bjj/2x judo) and grappling is my passion so cutting out another day to weight train isn’t going to happen, especially since I’m an active competitor & working hard on getting that BJJ brown belt … Not to mention full time job, gf, ect

anyone have a good 2 day program they’ve implemented, to help improve them as a combat athlete??

Thanks in advance



If you read it, he has a plan for 2 days/week. Its not the best application of 531 but will add strength to you.


Well Dizzle you’re a better man than I! I have a full time, part time, and only manage two days of jits a week, the occasional one day of MT, and sometimes two days of lifting. Let me tell you it raises hell on my right arm. I think it depends on what your experience level is in the gym, and what your goal in the gym is.

Sometimes it’s just better to take the extra days off, instead of lifting. If you want to improve your endurence Dan John put an article up in which you basically did 5/3/1 on a heavy compound, and then did a 3x10 barbell circut, and then some back squats. It worked great for cutting, strenght went up in some lifts, but it shredded the lbs off me.

5/3/1 is a good mix for what you are looking for.

there is a great Cosgrove article called hacking strength training

the article is about busy people finding time to train…

its an A B workout that you do three times a week- just do two.
it goes through several rep ranges - keeping the movements the same

change up the movements if you think you need to but I did well with this routine for a while.
Its solid.

Well I’m in the saem spot, im actually impressed with your able to find time. But im guessing your like me. Tv is a thing of the past, its amazing what you can do with no TV.

I keep my work outs down to 2 days as well. I’m from San Shou striking, so my main concern is my endurance. As the saying goes for us stand up and bangers is fatigue makes cowards of us all. So my main goal is to never gas out.

My advice is if your down to 2 days and what works for me is to have basically one day where you focus on the big power compound lifts. I generally, squat, deadlift, and bench all one the same day, my goal is to develop strength. I love powerlifting so it’ll always be there for me.

The second day i work on density cardio circuit. I basically steal crossfit like work outs for half the time, the other half i work on what i see as week spots. I try to alternate between training days.

Other wise i do tons of cardio.

I guess the only thing i wonder about is how your able to cut a pace and never burn out of get sick.

in college I did something like this for lifting

Two days per week.

Squat: 3-5x5
Bench: 3-5x5
Deadlift: 3-5x3-5

Squat: Work up to Triple, Double or Single depending on the week
Press: 3-5x5
BB Row (some horizontal row variation)
10 minutes for shoulder and elbow health (face pulls, scarecrows, DB Power cleans, curls, etc.)

Deload on fourth week. First week work up to a triple, second a double and third a single. Texas method-ish.

The rest of the week I did about 4-5 days of grappling+kickboxing. I usually did day B 2 days after day A.