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Mixing Test Undecanoate and Prop, Issue Traveling to Spain?


I’m now on 200mg test prop a week, self medicated(it is available otc here) but planning to move to Spain late June. I wil bring some test P and Test U along, but there is a risk the customs confiscate it, so I’m planning to start taking Test U before moving to Spain, so I don’t get low T if this happens, until I get better settled there and probably look for doctor prescribed TRT.
Do you have any advice on how to deal with the combined dosage, and when to start the test U ? I have 10 vials of 250mg/2ml on hand.

Thanks in advance for all advice

As an extra note If there is no problem with the customs I wouldn’t mind adding some Test P to the test U dose , 175mg/week test P had my total test @900, trying to get it around 1000.
I don’t think Test U alone will bring the test levels that high.
Besides the test U comes in 250mg/2ml vials, I haven’t injected anything IM in decades so a bit wary to pin too many mls in one go…

Thanks again !

Test U sucks. You will not like it at all coming from test prop. Where are you moving from?

Thanks, afraid you are right but i can’t figure out other way to play it safe;
coming from China, flying from HK, via Istanbul, which is a well known steroids paradise. I look pretty jacked as well, especially by spanish standards, so if customs care about test they might have a look into our numerous bags.
not sure they care too much, test is a controlled substance but seems possession does not illegal in Spain. Import most likely is though.

The only things that trigger a search are being the random selected guy, or something obvious in the baggage x-rays. Obvious vials and needles will show up. You could put it inside some B12 vials and probably get past the inspection. Smarter to just mail it to yourself ahead of time.

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Thanks for the advice, thought also about ordering some Test P from major well known suppliers shipping from Europe, but will stay in a hotel first, not sure if that’s a good idea. Curious about anyone’s feedback.
test P is widely available and dirt cheap here but come in 25mg or 50mg vials, so they take much more space than 1000mg/10ml bottles from underground vendors

Also, all advice about dosage of both products would be welcome, looking to stay at 1000 total test or a little less

mail a couple of them to different addresses. There are things that block it showing in scanners, Google it.

Thanks again, didn’t know about the bit about blocking it to scanners. Problem also is I don’t have adress to ship to in Spain yet, except at most the hotel we will be staying in first.

Then send it to the hotel. No work address or anything?

Nah, nothing yet, except the school for the kids (bad idea… ) or the hotel (not sure if that’s a viable idea).
Can you advise on the Test U dosage, I see online Reandron 1000mg/4ml every 3 month but that sounds like a very low dose, plus here it means 8ml, quite a scary volume.
They have 2 TRT clinics in Spain, from the same company, prices look silly and one article mentioned they push injections every 3 months, so afraid they are prescribing the same 1000ml/3month test U.
test cyp @250mg/ml seems available in Spanish drugstores, along Reandron, test p only in 25mg/ml, doubt Test P will do.
In the very lucky case someone here has a tip about TRT doctors in Madrid, that would be great, but seems very far fetched. Below is teh detail of afaik the first TRt clinic in Spain, there is one in Madrid and another in valencia, prices seem to be way higher than with regular doctors, specialists or general medicine practitioners.

Besides I’ll try to get a prescription in China, before leaving, but that’s not guaranteed to work.

Undecanoate is troublesome.Some get 3 months out of it, some 2, some 1. Usually nobody is happy on it and its a massive injection. Test Cyp is a good choice. Usually once a week or twice a week injections depending on the person. You need a long time to try and dial in Undecanoate, and you’ll still hate it. Ask in Pharma and you can probably get pointed at somewhere to get what you need. It should be pretty cheap there.

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Thanks again for your input Hardartery. You got me wary of the Test U and I contacted the TRT clinic this morning(spanish time). They replied very fast with basic information and a quotation more in line with TRT clinics in the US and less than whatIi understood from a spanish newspaper and I took an appointment 2 days after arriving. I could really use some doctor advice and a more complete blood test than those I can get over here.
Haven’t quite decided yet what to do with the test U, but might just pin a couple doses extras test P before leaving and deal with the clinic there if there’s a problem with the customs.
Will try to get a doctor letter from China before leaving as well.

Just dose the Undecanoate more often.

It has a 20-30 day half-life, so every 2-3 weeks should be okay. I remember seeing a thread on excel male where someone asked, and half a dozen older guys were shooting it every 4-6 weeks and liked it.

The every 12 weeks is 84 days or >3 half lifes. You’d hate Test C and E if you dosed it every 3 weeks too but it wouldn’t be the Test C or Es fault.

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