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Mixing Test Enan and Cyp in Same Vial

Hello, can anyone help me with this, does mixing these 2 esters in the same vial may cause one of them or the 2 to kind of losing some efficacy or something regarding that matter?? even if carrier oils are not the same in the 2 of them?? is just out of curiosity and a discussion i currently have else where.

When you say mixing, are you injecting enanthate into a vial of cypionate or drawing the two into the same syringe?

I don’t understand why you would want to mix the two different esters, if TRT isn’t working you may be barking up the wrong tree.

I honestly don’t know what would happen mixing the two esters.

Hello thanks, is just a matter of wanting to know, i am refering to draw enanthate from ampules and cyp from ampules and mixing the 2 in one sigle 10 ml vial, planing on transporting it, not for me, but thanks for asking :wink:
Can not carry 5 or 7 amps where some one is going

You can’t re-inject into a vial, a big no no!

Why not?? contamination?? it´s a sterile vial or mixing it in a syringe in the end what i´d like to know is if it won´t affect the testosterone it self.

It should not affect the test directly in any way. If it gets contaminated though, well, that’ll be a problem.

Thanks man to be honest i have been doing this for months, i get amps from pharmacy not multidose vials, 1 amp x 250 mg test C,i use 70 mg twice per week so i don’t waste the rest of it, always using sterile vials and multiple needles, trying to make it as much sanitary as possible, never did try to mix two esters tho hence my doubt