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Mixing Test E with Short Ester Compounds

So I have only ever ran long ester gear. I have been cruising on Test E for awhile now, and thinking about blasting with tren A and masteron for 8 weeks to get ready for a photoshoot where I need to look dry and lean.

Like I said I have never ran short esters. I have always pinned test E and other long ester compounds M/Th mornings.

If I were to keep my test E the same M/Th, how frequently would I need to pin the short esters? if I mix the Tren A and Mast Prop would that be EOD?

Let me know your experience with short esters or any other advice you have on the blast! thanks.

You can do EOD, but not and longer. Yeah, you can just mix them in the syringe so you only have to do one shot.

So it would look like…

Test E- M/Th like normal
Tren A/Mast p- EOD

Im currently running Test C and NPP. I pin them both EOD and put both compounds in 1 syringe. Makes it easier instead of trying to keep up with 2 different pinning schedules. As long as you pin with the frequency required with the short ester, I don’t think it matters. Just make sure you adjust you long ester compound accordingly to keep roughly the same mg/wk

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So I could do something like this…

Test E 500 mg/week M/Th

Tren A & Mast prop in same syringe- 100 mg tren 100 mg mast- EOD

Like in theory there would eventually be a monday or thursday where I would be pinning my test and the tren/mast right?

Just pin your test e EOD as well. It will likely lead to a small reduction in e2. More frequent pinning is usually better aside from convenience anyways, and you have to pin EOD anyways.

You can get away with pinning Tren Ace EOD maybe … but I highly advise against it. Ace needs to be pinned daily for stable blood levels. Stable blood levels in most cases drastically reduces the side effects. There’s countless threads of people feeling like shit on Ace, no libido, and then they start pinning ED and feel phenomenal. Look at the differences in blood levels of ED pinning vs EOD.

In terms of test e, I always just pin it normally twice a week even while also using short esters. Doing it right now actually. Pinning Test E and EQ 2x a week while pinning Tren Ace daily.

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Do you think I should pin the mast prop everyday with the tren a then also? Just same syringe and ED for both?

That would probably be best. What I do is preload 7 syringes for the week every week

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