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Mixing Test E / Winny In Same Syringe?

can i do it? it would only be twice /week?

Yup, just remeber all the other basic stuff and you should be fine. I hate winny and almost definitely won’t use it again, but when I did I’d do this all the time. Kinda helped cut down on the pain.

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sorry i meant i will only be mixing it twice the other 5 times will be winny by itself. sorry

Drink you Winny like a good boy and save the stick.

No really, drink that shiz!

i would agree with drinking the winny as often as possible - i’ve got sooo much scar tissue in glutes - and now shoulders … you can only rotate so many times. guess i’ll have to start hittin the quads - - 5 to 7 sticks a week is alot

Jigga what?? Bro how many cycles have you done where you feel like you have THAT much scar tissue?

SHoot it in your outer bi’s and enjoy the GUN SHOWWW!!!