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Mixing Test E & C?


Hey guys. Just read about some blend that involved Test E & Test C and wanted to know the benefits to this as I have never heard of such a blend (I don't use UG labs).

I can understand the pro's of Sustanon because of its so many different esters (not a big fan of it) but since Cyp & Enth are really close to each other in terms of half life I can't see why one would interchange the two?

I am hoping that maybe splitting the dose between each ester will reduce the sides of each other [(bloat, acne, gyno)(people do this with Dbol/Drol)] but I feel like that doesn't seem right. If it does it would really solve my issue with my test sides as I would even prefer to run EQ as a base (like the Aussies) because of my sides. Only big downfall of EQ is that hunger strikes me way too much.

In short, any guys tried using both of these esters together and separately? Anything significantly different or just an easier way of UG's making a high mg brew without crashing. Thanks for all inputs ahead of time.



I notice zero difference. Ester is just the difference between the time the drug is released which I’m sure know. Test is test