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Mixing Test E and Test P

I have something to ask, can I mix Test e and Test P. The reason why I ask is because I heard test p burns like a mother and I wanted to ease the pain. One more thing they are both from the doctor. Thank you for the help.

sure you can mix it. That’s basically what Sustanon is, minus two other esters.

Are you planning on just dumping the two vials together, or draw from one then the other, then inject?

If the latter, I don’t think it will make a difference.

On a side note, Idk if you even have to worry about medical grade test P hurting, but I have no evidence for this.

You can mix it fine, you will just need to do some strategic planning in how you run your cycle. Alternately, you could cut your prop with filtered, sterile oil.

I have heard plenty of stories of pharm grade prop having an ugly kick. If you haven’t started yet, I would start by giving the prop a try on its own. I’ve never used a prop yet that really hurt me (but that may just be my own physiological makeup, and not the prop. Who knows?).

Also keep in mind that the first few injections into any muscle are going to have more residual pain than subsequent injections will (for the most part. I always get a couple during the cycle the hurt like hell out of nowhere).

Yeah Pharm grade prop can kick bad just like UG stuff. I’ve seen it used in a clinical environment so I KNOW it was the real deal and the guy who was jabbed still got pretty sore.

If you don’t mind me asking, why the mix from your GP? (Sorry - probably me just being ignorant)

BUT if one has had ml after ml after ml injected into most muscles - decent gear (prop) wont hurt… IME