Mixing T with HCG in Same Syringe (Oil and Water)

There was at least one post, dating back to 2011, about this topic. I’m not sure there was ever any consensus though.

39 years-old
On TRT for 5 years
Still going strong!

For the last 6 weeks, I’ve been injecting (IM) 30mg Test Cyp with 250iu HCG in the same syringe. I use a .50cc syringe and the mixture fills it up to the .45 cc mark. This doesn’t seem to be a problem. The two fluids stay separate for the most part. I push the T in first and the HCG follows. I have to back off on the plunger force when I get to the HCG since it’s less viscous. Shooting it in too fast usually stings a little.

I feel great. I definitely feel the HCG working still (sense of calm, big balls, haha). My labs also indicate that my FT is around 25 and E2 is around 20.

Just thought I’d share my experience with mixing Oil and Water. I follow KSMan’s advice for the most part (Thanks KSMan!), but I had to try this to see for myself.

Has anyone else tried this? Experiences?

For others: There are/were two concerns. One is high flow rates for the hCG which might damage the peptides and the other is that some hCG might get sequestered in the oil and degrade before getting absorbed. Both are theoretical. Peptide hormones are fragile and should never be shaken. We have seen hCG shipped wet, with ice packs, become ineffective. The high shear rates from high speed flow through a small diameter needle may be damaging as well. This can affect cost: benefit and is more of an issue with hGH which is very expensive. With hCG we are looking to avoid testicular problems and there is no good measure for that qualitative benefit. With hCG, one looks at achieved IGF-1 levels and we can quantify the benefit.

The sting of the high flow rate hCG is a sign that the flow is damaging tissues.

Are the two been injected EOD? IM or SC?

Short of doing hCG lab work with both methods, we do not know much. With six weeks, the above practice does seem to be supporting testicular function and mood; which is the objective. We expect T levels to be mostly from injected T and T created in the testes from the hCG is a minor factor.

[A 50ml syringe is about two ounces! You have a 50iu [0.5ml] syringe.]

Correction. I’m using a .5 cc 29 gauge syringe Sorry for the confusion. I’m injecting IM EOD, .15 cc T cyp with 250 iu HCG. I know the preferred method for HCG is SQ, but for the combo shot, I felt that IM was the way to go.

I guess the question that occurs to me is why you or anyone would do this, when you could just do two shots?

Good point. You can get 100 insulin syringes at Sam’s/Walmart for around $14. Ask for their ReLion house brand. They appear to be made by BD.

Been injecting 100mg Test Cyp with 500iu HCG in the same syringe once a week for the past 5 years. HCG is easily damaged and injecting them together could lead to degradation for the reasons KSman spoke on. My experience is that HCG does work better when injected separately but due to my laziness, I just inject them together. I also inject 250iu HCG separately four days after my T/HCG shot. Been very happy with the results and plan on staying on this protocol for life.

[quote]MinusTheColon wrote:
I guess the question that occurs to me is why you or anyone would do this, when you could just do two shots?[/quote]

One shot instead of two. That’s all. Just trying to make things a little easier.