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Mixing Surge With Another Workout Drink?

Can you mix Jacked 3d with Surge or are they the same type of supplement???

Do it and find out. I can’t stand beta-alanine my self, so I would’nt.

Only if you want to overdose on awesome.

In all seriousness, they are 2 different thing entirely, Jack3d (lame) is more along the lines of Spike, so mixing those would be overkill, but I dont see any reason not to use both of these.

Which Surge do you speak of? Workout Fuel or Recovery? I would assume Workout Fuel and in that case, no it is not the same as jacked. Jacked is a pre-workout stimulant with no carbs, Workout Fuel is a pre-workout carb/hydrator with added supplements.

If you mix it with Surge Workout Fuel, you’re going to be doubling up on beta alanine. That could cause more skin tingling sensation, which might be unpleasant.

If you mix it with Surge Recovery, I don’t see any ingredient overlap.

And I think the general consensus is that “NO” type supps have been proven to be worthless, creatine is proven useful, and beta-alanine is kind of uncertain (except for the tingliness).