Mixing Sumo and Conventional Deadlifts

Hey guys,

I’m actually doing 531 + Jokers and FSL for sumo deadlift for a whule, then I do BBB for squats (5x5)

I’d like to get back to some conventional DL too but what would be the best option?
Sumo 531 + conventional FSL ?
Squat 531 then conventional BBB ?
Cycle of sumo then cycle of conventional ?

I train 4 days
Bench + OHP BBB
DL + Squat BBB
OHP + Bench BBB
Squat + DL BBB


Let me get this straight. You do the main work, Jokers, FSL AND BBB?

On deadlift day I do main work + FSL, jokers sometimes on 3+ and 1+
Then BBB squat.

Jim has really been saying how wrong this is for a while now. Check the forum out!
As for the deadlift question, why don’t you just start doing conventionel? I guess you should do the variation you’re the strongest at, so do which ever?
You could either do them as FSL if you feel it takes time for you to adapt the other style, or just instead of the Sumo.

My best lifts are quite the same except that my back was really round on conventional.

I switched to sumo some weeks ago but again my form is not perfect, my back stays flat but my hips are not opened enough and I pull a lot with my back instead of pushing hard with my legs. I realized that getting back to conventional with small blocks could be a better option.

What’s the problem with 531 DL and BBB Squat ?
The books says template 2 : DL 531, Squat 5x10, I should remove jokers and fsl for DL ?:confused:

Please read the book. I’d love to help people on this forum but it’s almost impossible to help IF THEY WONT TAKE MY ADVICE IN THE FIRST PLACE.

Or just do whatever you want - but stop wasting my time.