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Mixing Styles?

(Just looking for some feedback on this one. While this may not be a “new” idea, after doing some powerlifting training, I’ve been considering it, and would appreciate advice from anyone who’s done something similar in nature.) I like being strong. I also like having GOOD mass (not chunk). Currently, I’ve been using one of Dave Tate’s powerlifting workouts, and have gained some quality strength. However, I’ve also gained some chunk (diet is not clean but by no means horrible either). I’ve also had good quality mass building via training 4 days a week, in the 6-10 rep range. Tate’s article was actually pointing out that the “westside system” combined a lot of western strength training ideals into one workout, rather than 3 different “cycles”. I was thinking of doing the same thing. I wanted to return to my mass building workouts (6-8 rep range) 4 days a week. Now within each session, I wanted to train ONE exercise in a “Max. Effort” style (publicized by Tate), within the 1-3 rep range. The rest of the exercises I wanted to train for mass (6-8) of non-maximal lifting (ie. stopping the lift just short of going 2 reps further). I would then rotate each “max effort” exercise every session, so that every 4 weeks I’d be repeating the same “max effort” exercise. This way I can keep doing the exercises I really love (like shrugs, chins, etc) AND increase my strength…

Has anyone tried this or am I just plain not understanding systems of training??

been doing the westside style of training for 6 weeks. I do 1 day max squat/dead etc. 1 day bench/incline etc 1 day dynamic squt etc, 1 day dynamic bench etc. followed by shoulder, back, arm etc work 6-8 rep ranges. doing 3 week micro cycles. then change all excercises.
rest week or half week every 3rd or 4th week.
basically the westside periodisation article.