Mixing Strength Training with Calisthenics for Push-Ups & Pull-Ups?

whats up everyone?

I have been working out for at least 10 months, and never did a fullbody or a strength routine. my strength SUCKS but I did an awesome progress on looks.

but right now I joined a JROTC program in my school and have seen lots of skinny people doing more push ups, curls ups and pull ups than me and I decided to stop a little bit with the aesthetic focused routines and focus on strength.

so, what is the best way to increase those numbers? should I do a fullbody 3x a week to increase my strength and also 3x a week with calisthenics? for example: monday calisthenics, tuesday fullbody, wed calisthenics, thursday fullbody, friday calisthenics, saturday fullbody and sunday rest (I will also do a 3 mile run on treadmill on the calisthenics days, bc I need a lot of endurance and my cardio SUCKS)

or strength training isn’t necessary to get those numbers up at all? can I just do a PPL and throw in some push ups curls ups and sit ups and running?

also, is there a good routine to increase those numbers or all you have to do is do more everyday? i’ve been looking for hundredpushups.com for example

ALSO, I need a stronger core, curl ups is the worst thing for me, i cant even do more than 40 sit ups, what are the best exercises to strengthen the core?

remembering that my overall focus is gaining mass, never cared about strength, so I’m thinking about doing ppl with calisthenics, but I’m not sure
i’ve also seen people saying that strength training will give you mass, but i don’t get how there is a lot of people on the program more strong but they look skinny

thanks in advance guys!

my lifts: 1RM bench 140lbs, 5x5 squats 100lbs, deadlift ?
age: 15
weight: 140lbs


Do bodyweight exercises if you want to improve them. Drop the weights for a while.

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Keep doing your compound lifts (use a proven program for them) and rest with body weight exercises that don’t have a negative impact on your main lift

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Just find a really basic bodybuilding routine & go with that.

1 step at a time & 1 goal at a time.

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