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Mixing Strength and Hypertrophy

Hello i have been out of the gym for a month now due to a surgery in my throat and tongue and now the doctor told me i can get back to the gym now, before the surgery i always trained in full body manner as it fits my schedule and my daily life i cant go to the gym 5 or 6 days per week but i can do 3 to 4 days maximum earlier i used to train in a bodybuilding manner like high reps with no squats deadlift or any type of strength related lifts but now i am trying to switch things up but i am kinda lazy to put up something myself so i searched for a workout that mixes both principles and i found one online and i want to know if its good or should i train 1 day heavy 1 day moderate 1 day light

Day 1

Squat 5x5
DB bench 4x10
DB row 4x10
Seated DB press 4x10
Lying leg curls 4x10
DB curls 3x10
overhead triceps ext 3x10

Day 2
Bench press 5x5
Pulldown 4x10
Leg ext 4x10
lying leg curls 4x10
lateral raises 4x10
cable curls 3x10
Triceps rope ext 3x10

Day 3
Deadlift 5x5
DB incline press 4x10
seated cable rows 4x10
lateral raises 4x10
leg press 4x10
EZ-bar curls 3x10
skull crushers 3x10
DB shrugs 3x12

Are you sure there is enough volume and variety in your program?

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That’s why i made this post i don’t wanna get competitive level of bodybuilding i wanna look good naked and fill my clothes and be strong

I’m not sure @strongmangoals was 100% serious.

Why don’t you try a program by a trusted and reputable coach? Your goals aren’t exactly groundbreaking, it should be pretty easy to find a program that will fit the bill.

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Could you guide me to one? but not a program that strength dedicated like 5x5 or 5/3/1 i dont wanna focus strength i wanna focus on hypertrophy and get some strength gains with that

There’s hundreds, but I’ll put a few varied ones up.

There’s plenty, plenty more that people can recommend, including the obligatory Deep Water reccommendation.


Thanks i shall dig deep into them and find the most interesting one to follow <3

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If those styles don’t suit you, plenty of people on this site like Christian Thibasomething or John Meadows programs, but I wouldn’t even know where to start finding an appropriate one for you. @Voxel might


with all due respect to the mentioned programs none of them appeal to me i wanna train in a bodybuilding manner

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Your program looks fine. Just put in some kind of progression model for the squat, bench and deadlift and you’re gtg.


A. Squat 5/3/1, FSL

B1, DB bench 4x10
B2. DB row 4x10

C1. Seated DB press 4x10
C2. Lying leg curls 4x10

D1, DB curls 3x10
D2. overhead triceps ext 3x10

Simple example.


No worries, I think we’re probably talking at cross purposes here, so I’ll bow out.

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What you’ve posted looks fine.

If you can do 3-4 days then commit to three. You don’t want a four-day plan that you can’t do consistently.

How knowledgeable are you?

If I say that I recommend that for the machine lifts (e.g. pulldowns, seated DB press…) the final set should be to failure and that for isolation lifts (DB Curls, leg extension) 2-3 sets should be to failure do you know what I mean and which lifts belong to either category?

That should be adequate to spawn some growth. If you are unsure though I recommend buying John Meadows Baby Groot program. It’s 3x/wk, bodybuilding-oriented (some strength) with detailed descriptions, examples, and video links.

@dagill2 appreciate the @ buddy


first thanks for all the great help <3, i am going to progress as if its 5x5 program if i hit 5 reps for 5 sets of the same weight i would add weight on the bar till i can hit 5x5 and so on, as for the bodybuilding i would add 2 reps on each set till i hit 12 instead of 10 on 4 sets then i would add weight and maybe move back to 8 reps and try to each 12
as for arm work i would do supersets and sometimes drop sets but won’t add much weight as my arms should have alot of work from the previous compound movements

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Strength and hypertrophy are not mutually exclusive. Its common to think they are - but at an early stage of training its VERY easy to build size and strength.
Ask your self compared to the general public have you ever seen:

  • Power lifter / strong man with no noticeable muscularity.
  • A weak bodybuilder.

2 more things

  • 5x5 will make you bigger.
  • 531 will make you bigger. BBB, Beef Cake, BTM are 3 templets that are dedicated to adding size.

My advice - your programme is “fine”. You will see results if you follow your progression plan. Most of it will be from the 5x5 squats and bench and deadlift. But its a bit of a mess and you will progress better with any of the programmes @dagill2 posted.

Good luck man. Any questions post back.

Read this:

and this

Bodybuilding style manner, 3 days a week, size and strength?



Jon Andesen’s Deep Water program


I knew I could count on someone.

Can I say “just do 531” yet?


You can always tell when someone is actually not familiarized with the workings of 531. Especially when they think there is not a hypertrophy component to it. Like in the case of the OP.


531 is pretty straightforward for people used to running strength orientated programs, but I totally get why someone used to body part splits and the kind of routine outlined above would find it confusing, especially with so many different variations.

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Yeah.i can agree. Plus most information regarding it is sketchy or inaccurate on line.

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