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Mixing Slow + Fast Acting Carbs

I took this from the description of a supplement:

[quote]Like protein, carbohydrates must also be broken down into their simplest form to pass through the gut mucosa. After
training, fast digesting carbohydrate sources are recommended to get carbohydrates (and more importantly, the insulin
response which carbohydrates induce) to the muscle in order to begin the repair and growth phases triggered
by intense training. One serving of Replenish? contains thirty grams (30g) of carbohydrates in a blended formula
of fast and slow-digesting sources, namely maltodextrin and oat fiber. While some may prefer purely fast-acting carbohydrates,
the carbohydrate source in Replenish? is a fast/slow blend due to the manner in which carbohydrates
physiologically enter the cell. This process, termed active transport, actually limits the number of glucose molecules
that can enter the cell at any one time and as such, makes any attempt to ?saturate? the cell in an all-or-none manner
illogical as much of the glucose will be oxidized rather than stored. A better solution is to provide fast-digesting
carbohydrates like maltodextrin to activate the receptor sites rapidly, while oat fiber provides the backup for further
uptake later in the recovery period. While 30 grams of carbohydrates may seem excessive to some who are cutting
and miniscule to those looking to gain mass, the carbohydrate blend in Replenish? works synergistically with the
rest of the formula in order to promote an adequate insulin response while avoiding potential spill-over to adipose.[/quote]

According to this, mixing slow and fast acting carbs PWO is optimal.

I am buying some Dextrose and Maltodextrin to add to my PWO shake in a 50/50 mix along with whey and CEE creatine.

I’m wondering if I should take:

33g Dextrose
33g Maltodextrin
34g Whey


20g Dextrose
20g Maltodextrin
27g Steel-cut oats (blended in coffee blender)
34g Whey

I was thinking of taking a shake with just whey and ground oats as pre-workout, then post-workout take the malt/dex and whey shake. BTW, I am 6’1, 185lb (16 years old).


How about fast carbs and Protein (like Surge to halt the catabolism and start an anabolic state THE 30-45 mins later a mixed meal with sloer acting suatians carbs and protein this way the insulin response is not hindered from the faster acting carbs and protein??

best of both worlds.


Your body doesn’t digest carbs like that. If you mix slow with fast, the slow carbs just slow down the digestion of the fast. I guess it’s kind of a medium.