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Mixing Skim Milk w/ My Protein?


Ok so I hate drinking protein powder and I have to mix it with skim milk. I Drink It 5 times a day I use 2 scoops of protein and about 8 - 10 oz of skim milk. So roughly about 50oz a day at the most, takes me about a week to go through a gallon. Im 5'10' 200 lb. My bf is a little high at 20%. I dont want to loose much weight but I dont want to gain weight either. I just want to build my mass and trim the fat down. So should I cut the milk or will it matter?


What else are you eating in order to have 20% bf? That's the real issue...


Hehe :stuck_out_tongue: yeah.. maybe you shouldnt do all those shakes until you get a little more lean..


Well I have been eating fairly well. (Note that times vary b/c I work 3rd shift but have a norm day when I�??m off)

7:00-9:00am - a bowl of Oat meal a peace of fruit (norm an orange) and I take a multi-vitamin with 5 1000mg fish oil tabs then the milk and protein.

9:30-11:00am - another shake with more fruit

12:00-1:30pm - Lunch norm a rap of some type like turkey, Tuna or Chicken 5 more fish oil tabs and the protein

2:30-4:00 another shake and more fruit

5:00-7:00 Dinner last night I had just an average bowl of chili with lean hamburger some mix vegetables more fruit and one last protein shake.

Some times if I�??m at work I might eat a banana or two if I get hungry. But that is generally it; the 20% bf is just a rough guess and its all really in my midsection, and that came from Video games and Drinking for the last 2 years. But I never eat Fast food Subway or Jessie Mike's is as close as it gets. Now I only drink once every 2 weeks at the most.


Well its normal for fat to accumulate arround the midsection when you are influneced by alchohol..

maybe safe the last protein shake a little so you dont go 12 hours without food ?

but really i dont think we can tell you if mixing protein shakes with milk will be bad for your physic its really something you gotta see in the mirror.. but it does add extra calories... but if you can try and count how many calories you get and hold em up to a normal daily useage for somebody at your weight and activity.. that would be my ultimate guees.


There are a lot of carbs in milk. At 20% BF they are not helping you lose body fat. It does make the shakes a lot more palatable though, doesn't it?


damn right it does....its Vanilla. Now I know better, once I get through with this Ill go with stwarberry or chocolet with water. But the bad part is I got the 5 lb container. Just need to get off my GD soap box and get through it.


try mixing half milk/half water...the carbs from milk will hold you back I think...


Just go for it and mix with water, or save your snack banannas and blend in a half with your Vanilla and water shake, might be more pallatable for you.


Buy the Crystal light "On the Go" packets and pour about half the pack in and just use water. Those things are potent and no carbs. A whole serving (and they are small) is too much flavor for me. I use them to mask powder BCAA's so I'm sure it'll do the trick with your protein.



Have you crunched the calorie/macronutrient numbers? You probably don't need a shake with a normal meal.


Well I tyed the water/milk mix and...well lets just say that you dont put milk/water in your cornflakes. As for the Crystal light idea, that never crossed my mind Im going to have to give it a try. As for the "Bannana Snacks" thats 2 from 11pm to 7am you try not eating anything for eight hrs when you should be sleeping.


I'm no expert.

I'd say eat more real food. Total the real food in your diet:
-4 fruit
-turkey/etc. "rap"
-a few mixed vegies

Then 5 shakes.

Shakes should supplement real food, not the other way around.


Its already been mentioned but 5 glasses of milk equals 40g's of sugar a day. You don't need that. Stick with water. You will get used to it.


Don't Worry about the skim milk calories. If you have a good diet you will trim down to 15%.


By CT from Bizarre's Physique Clinic Thread:

Milk has a very strong impact on insulin release. Despite its relatively low glycemic index, it has a very high INSULIN index which indicates that your body will release a very high level of insulin when you drink milk. Foods that jack up your insulin for nothing are not good ideas.

A lot of peoples have lactose intolerance. Even if they don't feel it, they can still be mildly intolerant which will lead to bloating, cortisol release and overall not feeling good.

Milk intake can increase the risk of acne.

Listen, LEAN people with very good insulin sensitivity and without any lactose intolerance might be able to handle milk, but most other people will have some drawback when using it on a regular basis.


What do you mean by real food exactly? Those were just some examples. Last night for diner for instance I had stake and mix vegies and right now for breakfast I'm having 4 eggs. So im not quite sure what you mean by that. I try to stay away from the starches and Dairy other than the milk w/ the protein.

As for my lactose tolerance/intolerance I can tell you I have none what so ever, dosent even give me gas. Most ppl who are descended from Easter Europe dont have a lactose intolerance and by that I mean the British Isles (which I am, and I mean way way back) b/c they drank so much milk. Now Im not saying that they cant Im saying that they are the one's who arnt, But this is another discussion / debate for another time. Just saying Im not.

But I also know about the insulin "surge" that milk gives thats why I want to cut it out that way I wont have any dairy intake so I was thinking of cutting the protein back to 3 a day until I get rid of this GD Vanilla.


any reason why you take over 200g of protein from shakes in a day on top of some food..

start eating more WHOLE foods drop most of the fruit and eat more veggie

for your two snacks instead of a protein shake and fruit, have a chicken/turkey/tuna/egg Sandwich + some Almonds on the side

also take some food with you to work.. premake meals such as chicken + rice + veggies and microwave it up and eat it...

ake some cottage cheese, hard boiled eggs, beef jerkey, trail mix, granola

i think your diet lacks healthy fats which could replace the massive amnt of protein your body is taking in.. that could be a problem

you will not get fat from incorporting more healthy fats into ur diet and cutting back on your protein

I would also suggest do not cut back on mixing ur shake PWO with skim milk.. this helps spike your insulin a bit more then water, and has been proven to increase protein synthesis. So keep ur skim milk Post Workout


Well I tried the protein w/water and crystal light and I must say it tasted...GREAT!!!! It was a plesant suprise so problem solved.