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Mixing SARMs with Steroids

Hello all im reading this forum fo awile for now, i started sarm cykle with rad 140 and its cray good i will stack it with mk-677 witch i have from before, and i was thinking to add 30-50mg of dianabol at the end of cykle with clomid(i cant get my hands on any other antiestrogen)

do you think that clomid would work with it, im at 80kg right now and little by little im bulking while losing fat its wery hard but its working with my trening regime and diet, give me your toughts on this it would mean so much to me and by the way cykle will be 10weaks straight only last 30days i would trow in dianabol with clomid

Well the Clomid isn’t an anti estrogen, so I do t see a reason to add it unless you’re trying to prevent gyno. And the truth about dbol is that it doesn’t build much in the way of muscle over short periods of time. Probably best to just keep it for another time and run out your current program followed by a good pct.

I’ve ran multiple sarm stacks, and I’ve ran dbol. Dbol will shut you down, and an anabolic oral only cycle is extremely stupid. You are going to shut yourself down with minimum gains. My advice is to make the most out of your current sarm cycle, and use the dbol 50mg with Test E because of the long ester(and the fact you’re probably intimidated by pinning so you only have to pin once a week).

My best tip is to always run Testosterone as a base with an oral anabolic. Why? because those orals will shut down your test after a few weeks, and the minimum time of being on the oral doesn’t give enough room to grow and isn’t worth the long term repercussions. With a Test base, you can ensure that you won’t shutdown and the extended time being on cycle off oral will stop the oral from suppressing testosterone because you’re injecting it artificially.

My checklist for running steroids is this.
a. Make sure it’s what you want to do.
b. Do a lot of research to ensure you are pursuing this venture in the healthiest way possible.
c. Make sure your training and diet is on point. You should meet a few based benchmarks before going into steroids. I’m not going to go into what numbers you should be moving prior because any user isn’t going to listen to my opinion like i’m omniscient, but make sure your body is ready. Be less than 15% body fat and make sure you have at least 2 years of training under your belt. I pushed 325 flat, 315 incline, 450 squat, and 535 deadlift before touching gear.
d. Remember it’s a turtle race, not nascar. I ran 350mg test E as my first cycle and gained 10lbs of muscle in 12 weeks and lost around 2% body fat. The less compound you use, the better. make more with less because it’s better for your body, it’s possible, and it will allow you to have a higher bodybuilding ceiling in the future.

If you have any questions about gear especially how to do it healthy, i’m happy to help.

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Thanks for the reply, i have pretty big steroid history, tryed every compound on the market pretty much, always keept most of my gains… But i becomed father 2 years ago and it was pretty hard to find time to train an diet, so i got fat… I have 2botles of test e but i realy, realy dont like the pining.I never tryed sarms altho i tryed prohormones all of them and only one i like is Epistane. Right now im full of gear, have pretty much supply for whole year(if not abusing them) and i got my hands on mk-677 witch i runned standalone to see is it legit and its sick product, and for now im running rad-140 and month from now i will trow in mk-677. My question is can rad-140 act like a testosterone in this stack (im fealing wery well on it and im not agresive like on testosterone). And what are your thoughts on mixing sarms wit a gear becouse i have some anavar also witch i wanted to trow in if i hold lots of water on the end of cykle im (wanna peak with gear on the end of cykle)

RAD-140 is interesting, at least on paper. It was originally studied as a next generation trt drug, but that hasn’t planned out. I’m very hesitant to tell anyone that they can use something in place of testosterone, especially since it’s cheap, plentiful, and has a known safety profile. But of all the SARMs out there it seems like it has the most potential for broader usage. That’s not saying much, though. Being the best SARM is like being the best house in a bad neighborhood.

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Just run var with the sarms. it’s not anabolic so you won’t get shut down from my understanding. The best sarm i used was a carterine and osterine stack and it diced me up fast. Don’t shut yourself down for no reason. If you are a little chunky rn and out of shape run some carterine and osterine sarms. They diced me up like crazy and I got awesome results so I highly recommend that if you are scared to pin.

Another thing is that if you are scared to pin you should just pin glutes. because of the sheer size of the glutes, it makes for less PIP and 100% more bearable. I don’t pin anything but glutes because they’re so good.

And no, nothing can replace an artificial hormone. It doesn’t matter how much something “boosts” T levels or androgen receptors, you need artificial hormone as a base. Also, if you ever pursue the route of gear again, make sure you have PCT (nolvadex, clomid at bare minimum, and HCG is always nice)

Its def anabolic and will suppress you its very low on the anabolic scale tho.

To the OP save yourself the wasted time and don’t use sarms. Be natty or be willing to inject

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Does anybody have experience with SARMs and trt?

I’ve been thinking it might be a low risk cycle before running a test cycle.

I agree. I’d full send a legit cycle and just pct. the results are good enough to deal with the pinning trust me.