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Mixing Routines


Has anyone ever tried mixing full body and split routines. For example, doing an upper/lower push/pull/legs split during the week, and then full body over the weekend?


Please kill yourself.


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Real productive forum this is.


Just a wee bit harsh, no?

Any particular reason you're looking for something like this?

It's possible, but not ideal, and definitely not as simple as "bodyparts during the week, full body on the weekend." There was an article a while back about this type of plan. You should read it through to get a better idea of the concept:

This article from Eric Cressey also mentions one scenario when an upper/lower/total body split could be appropriate:

But, like I said, what's the appeal of mixing training methods, when either one by itself is likely more effective?


I was just curious. I see benefits in both methods so I was wondering if there was any advantage to doing a hybrid version of the two.

BTW, What's with the guys on this forum?


Layne Norton used something like this.





Total body training is a very polarizing topic here. The tbt guys are willing to incorporate body part splits, but not vice versa.


Very interesting...looks tough but fun. Wouldn't be practical for the everyday Joe gym-goer (OP).


Well based on my schedule, I could do:

Monday: Off
Tuesday: Back/bi
Wed: Legs
Thurs: Chest/Shoulders/Tris
Fri: Off
Sat: Cardio
Sun: Full body


You should probably post in the beginners section. You'll get less harsh responses.


I think that routine is gunna be tough to lift with max effort on sunday. But I don't know you.

I've seen routines like this before:

upper/lower/total body


Huh? First off, although I may be new to the forum, I am certainly not a beginner with lifting.

Regardless, no excuse for someone saying "Go kill yourself." How old are you guys?


The medium is the message.

Why do spilts on week days and full body on weekend?

If you are carb cycling or doing a cyclical ketogenic diet, it can be nice to do a total body workout before your start to refeed to promote glycogen storage in all of your muscles.

If you enjoy training, it can be fun to do full body - but it may slow your progress.

Functional workouts are fun once you finish them.

It doesn't seem like your goal is to build as much muscle as possible.


I've used it, definitely helps when you want to maintain strength across the whole body while your really focusing on a particular bodypart.


  1. And if you are that easily offended by a post on an online forum, perhaps you ought to re-think your life perspective, dude.

People ask dumb-ass questions like this all the time. And if you weren't a newb to bodybuilding, you would have enough general knowledge and experience that you would not be asking this question.


The downside to doing a hybrid sometimes is that the program doesn't accel in any one category. So if you have a particular goal in mind(gain muscle, lose fat, build endurance, etc), a hybrid may just be a slower way of acheiving your goal cuz it doesnt focus on that particular goal.


His question required a "yes" or "no" answer.

Why do you get so offended by people asking what you feel are stupid questions? At 29 it may be time for you to re-think your life perspective. Try to have a little class and keep your trap shut when you feel the need to be a dick.