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Mixing Reps During Workout?

Yesterday I had 2 hour back/bi workout
I did 2 sets of 8,6 500 pound deadlifts
And then 5 sets of 6 reps ez curls then 3 sets of 25 barbell curls and then I did hammer curls for 3 sets of 6 with machine curls 3 sets of 6? Is it bad to being mixing 6 reps with 25 reps!

I see a bigger problem with this 2 hr thing.

If you can work your back and bis for 2 hours straight you aren’t working them hard enough.

Usually I keep it to 1 hour but didn’t have a ride so just kept going!

I tend to stick within a rep range, but then again I’ve been feeling myself stalling the last few weeks, so maybe mixing it up isn’t a bad idea. If you get good results and like how the workout(s) are progressing then I say go for it.

That’s understandable.

As far as the question. My rep range starts at 12-14 then by my last set I’m struggling to get 8

Idk honestly I don’t really pay that much attention to shit like that. This is gonna sound broish but I just keep breaks between sets short lift til failure then hit one more set. Repeat with about 3-4 exercises per whatever body part I’m hitting then go eat chicken and rice. Gainzzzz

I think I suffer from this. My workouts are long. I take enough time between sets to make sure I hit my target reps and then usually have a last set designated to go to failure.

While I’m physically lifting the weight I try to bring the intensity… but like I said, I take time between sets.

Would I be better off with less time between sets equaling less over all work due to quicker failure or keep going like I’m going?

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It depends. My understanding is power lifters take plenty of time and this method helps increase strength. I’m already big and strong I think so I don’t really care about any more strength. Iv always found short rest more reps to failure then one more set helps build muscle quicker especially in the presence of steroids

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It’s all specific to body / metabolism types, goals, etc. Good to try both and see how your body responds.
I have to take adequate breaks to see myself progress is strength and size. Otherwise I end up leaning out and struggling to get bigger or stronger.

Don’t force longer breaks though, just be honest with yourself and hit that next set the second you feel as though you’re able to put 100% into that set.

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Bro rest as long as you need for compounds I didn’t start deadlift 500 pounds until I started resting more and don’t train to failure stop 2 reps shy of failure on ever other set other than your pr test for example your 8 rep max do it for 8 reps and 2 more sets of 6 repeat this every week trying to increase reps by 2 and you will increase your deadlift big time once you get to 10 reps on a deadlift add 50 pounds and go for your 3-5 rep max! Works like a charm increased my deadlift by 200 pounds in a couple months with this method soon to be 600!

When I’m working at home the biggest dumbbell is 30 pounds so when i do it till failure(25 reps) and then rest about 10 seconds and do it for 6-10 reps and do that for about 5 sets good pump especially if you can’t get to gym!

Some here would be interested in seeing video on that claim.


I see no problem. 25 reps is more than I typically do myself or recommend as “high”reps (usually ~15), but utilizing different mechanisms to stimulate growth is just intelligent programming.


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You have a question mark in your title, but I see no actual question here.

There is one in the last sentence. Curiously, the only question doesn’t have a question mark.

And OP, my 2c is yes, that is fine and normal programming unless you’re Mark Rippetoe

You probably don’t need 15 sets of bicep work is the only thing I would say.