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Mixing Rep Ranges/Intensity in One Workout?

CT/Folks - what’s your experience been with “mixing” reps (intensity) in a workout?

We’ve probably all done it - ramp to a heavy triple or 5, then back off and do lots of reps for volume.

Yet, there appears to be evidence that body adapts best to one set of signals per session (or even week).

So you should do 5x5 for all the big momveents. Or a day of ascneding pyramids/myoreps for all movements.

But mix and match.

Can you ramp up to a heavy set of 3 on bench press…while doing 12/10/8/6 on rows? Does this screw up the signals you’re giving your muscles

Tell me what evidence you are talking about? Because practically speaking tons of elite lifters use more than one type of stimulation in a workout. Westside lifters, Meadows, me, and didn’t you say that layers is what gave you your best gains and there is many types of stimulation.

Westisde guys will do a max effort lift then do sets of anywhere between 6 and 50 reps on their assistance work.

Chinese olympic lifters do sets of 1-2 on their olympic lifts, 3-5 on their assistance work then do sets of 8-12 on bodybuilding work.

Tons of bodybuilders do an heavy lift then do pump work.

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Glad to hear. I don’t know where i got it from (possibly borge fagerli or reading some stuff). The whole cardio/strength interference effect got me thinking as well.

I’m now doing a 3-4x training Upper/lower split. And the most common way of structuring these are an “intensity” day and then a more volume or speed day (lighter way more explosive).

So I usually picture the 5x5s (heavy day) together rather than saying doing a heavy 5x5 bench…then for the back (pendlay row) do speed pulls. Although maybe that works well.

I personally like mixing rep ranges and doing all sorts of stuff during workout (2a novelty)

EDIT: Actually Coach if you have any favorite upper/lower training programs to recommend would love to hear. I’m doing snatch grip dead/front squat and then snatch grip high pull/reverse DB lunge fo rmy lower body.

Upper body is the standard bench & row and then push press & weighted chins.

Assistance being the usual suspect of laterals some arm work on lower body days etc.

For me it’s mostly…should i stick to the 5x5 tried and true scheme (varying straight sets vs. ramping). Or should I go for a more layers intense style (rest pause/cluster). And can I do that wtihin upper/lower (multiple compound lifts) effectively…

Just go back and forth man. You obviously like trying stuff out and there is no “best” way to do it.

Whatever nuerotype you are, you clearly need variety and to train hard so just pick something that sounds fun until you get the itch to try something new and move on guilt free.

Any hard training is going to “work” so don’t worry so much if it 100% optimal and just do what you want and switch it up as you see fit.


Exactly right!