Mixing Raw Oral Powders Into Pre-Workout?

Anybody ever just take raw powders (600mg Dbol for example) and add it into pre WO tub and shake the shit out of it…?

Given the pre tub has 30 servings, that’s 20mg per… thinking this would be just as consistent as mixing with creatine, protein, flower, or whatever etc… for a filler, then capping it…?


This is basically what people do before filling capsules or pressing pills (they dilute them with a filler and mix as best they can).

Can you accurately dose 600 mg? That is about the weight of a paper clip. My guess is to get to that accuracy, you will likely need to buy at least a two decimal place gram scale (you could get away with one decimal place, but I wouldn’t). You can probably get one for $50-$100.

As @mnben87 said you won’t be able to produce a homogenous mixture. The amount of raw to equal 600mg is miniscule compared to the powder used. You would end up taking nothing, nothing,nothing and then bam likely grab 200mg at once. I wouldn’t want to test that.

I think you are right. In this case there is too much filler for the 600 mg of Dbol. I would think 600 mg would mix in consistently with something like a tablespoon or creatine or preworkout. Not sure though. I don’t have any experience other than what I have heard.

Not quite. I cap my own orals and there’s a process to it dealing with the weight of the filler, the weight of the drug, the amount each cap can hold, etc.

Now if you wanted to reduce your filler significantly and increase your drug to at least 1000 mg (so you can weigh it), then theoretically, you could scoop a known amount into your pre-workout.

With that said, when it comes to orals, its best to have a steady stream in your system throughout the day. A lot of orals only have about an 8 hour half-life so they need to be taken twice a day. Spiking it right before the gym probably won’t do much.

Nowhere does it say you can’t have preworkout 2-3 times a day… unless you want to sleep at night. :rofl:

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