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Mixing Protien With Water vs. Milk


I heard an NFL strength coach speak recently who emphasized mixing your protien powders with water only.

His reason was because something in the milk bonds with the protien powder thus hindering absorption.


Milk is made of things...like proteins, carbs and fats. Why would protein, carbs and fats hinder absorption of protein? If anything, the fat content may slow down digestion which may be a good thing in terms of keeping your body fueled for longer periods of time. I mix meal replacements with water when dieting simply because it cuts down on calories.


Hey was probably taking about the casein that's gonna slower the protein absorption. Before/during/PWO it would be better to take it with water for fast absorption but otherwise it's fine. I'm not sure if the effect milk has on insulin would compensate though.


Talk about minutia...

Some serious paralysis by analysis on this site


Milk is fairly low glycemic.


Water is for pussies. I snort all my protein powders to bypass time consuming digestion and get it right into circulation. Vanilla Metabolic Drive burns the least.


Taking it rectally will work even faster. Have fun.


That's quite generous of you to relate your personal experiences for me but you are incorrect as insufflating a substance is the quickest way short of injection to get it into circulation.


That's interesting, because I've always heard/read that absorption through the rectal wall was the fastest route into the bloodstream (short of injection, of course).



But then you have to crap out of your mouth.....


Back before I bought Grow! or Metabolic Drive protein, I had to mix my cheap stuff with milk. It tasted so putrid otherwise. Biotest's stuff tastes great w/ water though, so I generally just mix it with that.


If you want more calories and carbs mix with Milk.


First, this depends on particle size mainly and gases would be most effective. Seeing as neither apply here, you are wrong. Nice attempt at a come back though, however, nothing goes IN my ass. I suggest to you again to have fun rectally inserting random protein products. I would also recommend vanilla and banana flavors so you can tell what's protein and what isn't.

To the kids reading this, get a friend to shove the protein in your ass or a really stupid adult.

And now, back to Sesame Street!


The glycemic index isn't necessarily correlated with insulin response, that's why they've created the insulin index.



Nope, you're still wrong. Also, I'd love to hear your explanation as to why particle size does not apply here? Anyways, you made the assertion originally that rectal is quicker and I've been taught the opposite by people much smarter than you so back up your claims or end this nonsense.


Gee, kid, all you have to do is take a look at a rectal suppository and see if it can fit in your nose for inhalation. Are you being serious with this post?


Also, if you are typing this because of "speed of metabolism" alone, yes, inhalation would be quicker for SOME medications. However, because of drug size, inhaling protein would do you no good. Are we clear? Drug size is the primary issue here and I am floored that your dumbass decided to take this post that seriously.


Stick a suppository up my nose? Were you dropped on your head as a child? I'm done with this.


There are some dumb motherfuckers on this site.


Not just on this site, I think they gravitate to me everywhere I go.