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Mixing Protein Powder With Creatine

I’m 17 and beginning weight-lifting. I searched through a lot of threads on here discussing creatine and protein powders.

One question remains that I didn’t see addressed specifically. Is there anything wrong with consuming 3-5 grams of creatine along with a scoop of whey protein powder post workout?

I’m assuming that there is no negative consequences to taking these at the same time after I work out but just wanted to ask to be sure.

Thanks in advance for your answers and for helping a new guy out.

No problem at all - just make sure you don’t let the shake sit for a while once the creatine’s in. It degrades into creatinine rather quickly in water, not just with protein.


I would assume that you’re taking a Carb drink also after your workout?

If you don’t already, then just drink Powerade, but if you want the best choice, use Surge!